Monday, April 23, 2012

Political Parties Review HEY! LOOK AT ME!


Big Al said...

Haha who has the bigger tent?

On a serious note this video confused me a bit more than it clarified. The third party that they talked about sounded very similar to interest groups, is there really a difference? Also when the video discussed the Democratic party it was talking about how they are bigger government and i thought in our notes America didnt trust bigger government? Does that mean that democrats are more likely to vote, because; if the majority of people dont trust large government, it would make sense to vote for Rebulicans, because they are less govenment support. Since most americans dont want a strong national government they would vote against someone who supported it, right? If a Democrat gets elected dosnt that mean the minority is voting more than the majority?

Mr. Bretzmann said...

FYI: Practice sessions Wednesday and Thursday this week. Be there!