Saturday, August 30, 2008

What are you watching for at the Republican Convention this week?

Republican Convention Preview (3:17) on Youtube

Directly from the GOP Convention's website:
The convention's overall theme, "Country First," reflects John McCain's remarkable record of leadership and service to America. Each day of proceedings will center on a touchstone theme that has defined John McCain's life and will be central to his vision for leading our nation forward as president. Read more...

Monday, August 25, 2008

What are you watching for at the Democratic Convention this week? (Same question next week for the GOP Convention...)

The following guest post is from Dan Conley, a former speechwriter for Virginia Gov. Doug Wilder and Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley.

Here are the things the Democrats need to get done this week:
Sell the Middle Class Tax Cut. John McCain doesn't offer one, Barack Obama does. McCain is running ad after ad saying Obama will raise taxes -- it's a lie. For the bottom 97 percent of American taxpayers, Barack Obama will cut your taxes and John McCain won't.

Pound the economic elitism storyline. McCain gift wrapped an issue for Democrats this week by not knowing how many homes he owns. He's out of touch. He thinks people who make $4 million a year are middle class. He thinks the Bush economic approach is working.

Turnaround the celebrity/cult issue. There's a real political cult stalking America, but not the one you think. The real cult is one of warrior pencil-necked geeks ... a political Fight Club for all the boys who got beat up in high school. They hold the corner offices in think tanks and dominate the op-ed pages of big city newspapers. They walk in John McCain's shadow and throw around pro wrestling words like "smackdown," thinking that the U.S. military can restore their manhood. And yes, some of them are U.S. Senators, most notably McCain's fey sidekicks Lindsey Graham and Joe Lieberman ...

Destroy Joe Lieberman. The Dems made a huge mistake in 2004 by not bloodying up Zell Miller in Boston before he could attack them in New York. This time, Lieberman must be annihilated. I'd use Jim Webb or Wesley Clark to twist the knife into him.

Get real. No need for flash or showbiz. No need for soaring rhetoric. America knows we can do that, they expect it. Talk about where we are, how we got there and exactly how we'll get out. Bob the Builder chants aren't enough ... turn the convention into Extreme Makeover, America Edition.
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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Who will be chosen for each candidate's vice president? AND/OR What do you think about each candidate's choice?

My predictions:
1. Biden
2. Clinton

1. Romney
2. Ridge

The "most fun for the fall" picks:
1. Bloomberg (D or R)
2. Gore (D)
3. Fiorina (R)
4. Lieberman (R)
5. Jindal (R)
6. Powell (D)

No Chance Picks:
1. Edwards (D)
2. Richardson (D)
3. Clark (D)
4. Huckabee (R)
5. Giuliani (R)

My Humble Opinon of who would help the ticket the most:
1. Clinton (this is a change for me. I think her help now outweighs her hurt for the ticket)
2. Ridge (doubles down on the national security narrative and the maverick narrative...the guy is would take a maverick to pick him.)
3. Biden (D)
4. Bloomberg (R)