Monday, April 30, 2012

Judicial Branch Review


bhlava said...

the Judicial branch is composed of the Supreme court and the court systems under it. The Supreme court is made up of nine justices, 8 regular justices and one Chief Justice. The supreme Court uses the rule of 4 to grant a writ of cert. After granting a writ of cert they review the case, the rulings from the lower courts and both sides of the case. The Supreme court is usually reserved for deciding whether something is constitutional or not. the justices are appointed by the President and serve life terms. they are also supposed to be ideologically neutral, although thats pretty hard to find. thats where mr. Bretzmann's "Black Robe Falicy" comes into play. im sure im missing something so other people should add what i forgot.

Sfrasher said...

This video helped me a lot during the test. I really feel that the rule of 4, and the laws about certain rulings greatly increased the amount of points that I will recieve when I get my test score back. Overall, I am really happy I benefited from this great resource.