Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Campaigns and Elections Project Links and Comments

Based on your knowledge of Campaigns and Elections, current events, and responsible journalism, please share a link about the current presidential campaign that fits into each of the four categories.  Label which link represents which of the four areas, post it as a comment at www.civicsblog.blogspot.com   Labels: (1. Issues  2. Polls  3. Behind the scenes  4. Money)

Disclaimer: Please remember that we have an academic honesty policy that says that you should do your own work.  Please don't copy and paste somebody else's links!

2.         Next, comment on at least one of your four links.  What do you know, what do you believe, what do you think should be done.

3.         Next, comment on at least one other person's link at    www.civicsblog.blogspot.com  Have a great discussion!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What is significant in the news right now?

Please include a topic title, a link, and your comments (what do you know, what do you believe, what do you think should be done).  REMEBER TO ALSO COMMENT ON SOMEONE ELSE'S LINK (What you do: 1. Click on someone else's link, read the article, read their comments, 2. CLICK ON COMMENTS, 3. refer to their article and write what you know, believe, and think should be done (e.g. "Lisa shared a link about Miley Cyrus' tattoo, and I think it is great that she quoted President Roosevelt. I think more people should learn about the presidents and adorn their bodies with executive branch quotations"), 4. click 'publish your comment').