Sunday, February 17, 2008

Analysis or Opinion: Veepstakes! Who do you think probable GOP nominee John McCain should/will nominate as his running mate?

Bob Novak said today on Meet the Press that a possible nominee could be Congressman Paul Ryan. He's young, he's a tax cutter, he's from the Great State of Wisconsin.

If you answer the first question, you can answer this question too:
Who should the Democratic nominee nominate for VP? Imagine a Jim Doyle vs. Paul Ryan vice-presidential debate!

If you answer the first and second question, you can answer this question too:
Can you tell us about your experiences seeing and listening to presidential candidates in WI?

REMEMBER: Test on the Civil Rights Chapter on Wednesday.
REMEMBER: Monday is a great day to get out there and work for the candidate of your choice. What a great experience to talk about later: go door to door or you can even make phone calls from home now-just go to your candidate's website to find out how. If your candidate wins or comes close, you get to claim that YOU made it happen! :)

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Analysis: What will you be watching for on Tuesday? How will you "decide" who won?

States won?
Delegates won?
Certain states? (MO, CA, NJ, NY, IL, GA...)
"Obvious" Momentum?
Media Proclamations?
Candidate concession speeches?
Big, populous states vs. small states?
Relative closeness or distance in the results?
Region of the country?
Conservative Christians?
Registered Republicans as opposed to Independents?
Registered Democrats as opposed to Independents?

Campaigns and Elections:
If you're interested in campaigns and elections, you might want to take a look at this magazine that is offered online this month for free. I subscribe and have shared a couple of articles with you from past issues. I find it quite interesting (especially the advertising--check out the one that focuses on "Rich Republicans")

Super Tuesday Spreadsheet:
I'll share my Super Tuesday Spreadsheet with you via moodle so you can impress your friends and neighbors as you keep track of who wins which state and their delegate accumulation. I borrowed the template from someone else and then updated it for the other party. It's an ongoing process.