Sunday, May 01, 2011

Great Last Minute Video Reviews, Explanations and Discussions of Terms (and look closely for the Romney signs!)

NEW ADVICE: DON'T (DON'T) LABEL INDIVIDUAL SECTIONS (e.g. "A" "B" etc.) Skip a line and write a new paragraph for B, but don't label it. Reason? You can't get A points in a section labeled B! Pass it on!


In no particular order. See my notes if you can only watch or listen to a few. Bring several number 2 pencils and a watch to keep track of time.

Federalism Video:

Interest Groups:


Government and Media: A MUST SEE!

Campaigns and Elections:

Red States vs. Blue States

The Concept of Suffrage:

The Big Tent Concept (Political Parties in the U.S.) A MUST SEE!

The Power of the Presidency IMPORTANT!!

Selective Incorporation:

A Breakdown of Congress:

The Courts (another must see):


Taking the test (MUST. MUST. SEE. SEE):

Stop Blogging...Go Study, Prepare, and Review!