Saturday, January 26, 2008

This just in . . .

On Friday the Regional Director for the Obama campaign called to talk to me. The call was unsolicited by me and it is the first such call I've received. I've decided to share any contact/involvement information with you that is sent to me. If I'm contacted by other campaigns, I'll share that information with you as well. You can do something with all of it or none of it. It's up to you. I do think that you should get involved in some campaign, some cause, or some movement if you haven't already. IF YOU NEED HELP DOING THAT, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. I'LL HELP FIND THE CORRECT CAUSE FOR YOU: RIGHT, LEFT, OR SMACK DAB IN THE MIDDLE!

Attention all high school civics, government and social studies teachers:

My name is Hy Safran and I am your regional director for Obama for America, Barack Obama's presidential campaign here in Wisconsin.

Senator Obama engages Americans from all backgrounds, political affiliations and age groups and welcomes them to his movement for Change and Progress. Just because most high school students can't vote, does not mean they can't be involved and make a difference in the political process.

As your regional director, it would be my pleasure to welcome the high school students to this great cause. There are many ways for students to get involved from volunteering at home, at school at the state headquarters in Milwaukee and throughout the greater region.
Please forward this information on to your colleagues and of course, to your students.

Phone Banking (Making Calls for Barack)
- Monday --> Friday (3-9)
- Saturday (10-6)
- Sunday (12-9)

Canvassing (Knocking Doors for Barack)
- Feb 1st --> 19th

*Internship positions (which look great on college applications) also exist for students who are truly dedicated to Barack's cause for uniting America.

Obama for Wisconsin State Headquarters: 633 S. Hawley Rd Milwaukee, WI 53214 (just past Miller Park located inside the Milwaukee Union Labor Building)

---Please feel free to contact me by phone or email at any time -- 319/899-8008-- Hy SafranObama for AmericaRegional Field Director, Wisconsin319/899-8008


MorganJ said...

This is really awesome Mr. Bretzmann. After this past week, my views are changing on some things; consequently resulting in my current "undecided" mind set. I still like Hilary, but now I need to start investigating issues more. Not only where all the candidates stand on the issues, but also where I stand on them. It's going to be a LONG process, but I'm excited for it.
I also started to read the book I borrowed: "The Measure of Our Success." I'm really enjoying it!

Oh. And if you could let me know about some ways to get involved with some stuff that is "smack dab in the middle."

MorganJ said...

I would appreciate it!

I forgot to finish my sentence.

JamieW said...

I get e-mails from the Obama campaign quite often. I never really thought about DOING things for the campaign until I read this entry, maybe I should.

Lisa Marie said...

I also get e-mails from the Obama campaign. Also from Oprah about him. I'm still sort of undecided on who I like at the moment. I to have yet to do more research on the candidates. It does not help when your family is pushing you to be conservative when you think your liberal. I might be in the middle I'm not sure yet. I also didnt think about doing things for campaings. But I think you should also let me know some ways to get involved, either left or smack dab in the middle/ =)

newkirk said...

I never really knew there was a way for High School students to get involved in depth in political campaigns, kind of interesting, mayber I'll look into it.

CarolineB said...

I'm in.
Who do I talk to?

bambithereindeer said...
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jamieg said...

I think the person who phrases these things is not making enough money. Seriously, to be able to tie in Barack Obama's name AND message to every option... "for students who are truly dedicated to Barack's cause for uniting America". Nice.

Plus. Is anybody else noticing that they seem to use his first name more than his last, at least with Barack Obama's own campaigning? Is this supposed to be some subtle hint to make him more personable, or just because he has an awesome first name?

KellyH said...

Responding to Jamie... I'm not sure if it's to try and make him seem more personable. He already seems that way moreso than the other candidates, at least to me. And I'm not sure if it's because others use Barack so much or if it's just a habit, but I find myself calling him by Barack a lot more than I say Obama. Just my thoughts.

Angelina said...

How do I get involved if I want to help a different candidate's campaign? Because I'm interested in this.

Mr. Bretzmann said...

There are six candidates left in the campaign and you should definitely get involved with at least one of them. I don't know who you're interested in helping so I'll just say that you should start by googling their website and click on the link that says get involved (or something like that). Otherwise, you or anybody, can ask me after class or after school and we'll work on it together.

jamieg said...
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jamieg said...

So this is slightly off topic, but I just found the website with all four songs commissioned for Super Tuesday!

"Down to the Ark" by the Mountain Goats

"Super Tuesday" by the Weekend America All Stars

and "Super Tuesday" by Jeff Horwich.