Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What is significant in the news right now?

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Kimberly Famiglietti said...

Drought stretches across America, threatens crops

I Know:
-Authorities have declared more than 1,000 counties in 26 states as natural disaster areas. You become a natural disaster area when you don't get rain for eight consecutive weeks.
-As of Tuesday, 61% of land in the lower 48 states was experiencing drought conditions it is the highest percentage in the 12-year record of the U.S. Drought Monitor.
-because of this drought everywhere the corn is dying so corn prices have climbed 45%

I believe:
-I think America is right for making a big deal about this because it is. When corn prices go up many other things do. We need to have rain and fast!!

What should be done:
-There is not much to be done except conserve water and the farmers should water their crops.

AriannaJ said...

More storms looming for Penn State in wake of Freeh report

What I know:
~Jerry Sandusky, Penn State's football defensive coordinator, had been convicted in June for sexually abusing children for about 15 years.
~Louis Freeh, a former FBI Director, made a report that said the most powerful leaders covered up the attacks.
~Freeh also says that Joe Paterno, former head coach of Penn State football, could have stopped the attacks a long time ago.
~The school has been completely cooperative with the whole investigation.
~People that Freeh accuses of lying to police about Sandusky's attacks on children and covering it up say that it is false.

What I believe:
~I believe that the people in charge should have dealt with the first scandal right away so it would not have happened again. They should have fired Sandusky back then.

What should be done:
~Sandusky should be sent to prison for a vvvvveeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyy long time.
~The people in charge should get some form of a tough punishment for not dealing with the issue correctly.

AriannaJ said...

Kim Famiglietti posted this link.

Drought stretches across America, threatens crops

What I know:
~1,000 counties in 26 states have been declared as natural disaster areas. (When you do not get rain for 8 weeks in a row)
~The U.S. Drought Monitor's 12-year record has been exceeded. 61% of the land in the lower 48 states is experienceing drought conditions.
~30% of the corn crop is in poor or very poor conditions in the 18 primary corn-growing states.
~Corn prices have increased 45%, along with soybeans that increased to 22%
~Milk and meat prices could increase because farmers may kill all their livestock at once to save money

What I believe
~This is a very tough time for farmers and it is not going to be good if the prices increase.

What should be done:
~Conserve as much water as possible.
~Like Kim said, farmers should water their crops.

Jacob Syk said...

Kim posted this link:

Drought stretches across America, threatens crops

What I know:
Droughts in the Midwest are hitting crops hard.
This is America's worst drought in 24 hours.
Authorities have declared more than 1,000 counties in 26 states as natural disaster areas.

What I believe:
People are going to be paying more for food later on in the year.

What should be done:
Water could be conserved (maybe with a limit per household?) in order to save our farms.

Jacob Syk said...

First Miami-Cuba cargo ship in 50 years reaches Havana

What I know:
US President John F Kennedy puta trade embargo on Cuba in 1962.
This vessel will now operate a weekly service linking Miami and Havana (for the first time since 1962).

What I believe:
I am glad that our ridiculous, outdated, and hypocritical embargo on Cuba is loosening up.

What should be done:
Diplomatic relations should be restored with Cuba, including the end of the travel ban.

Nathan Sippel said...

Paul's bid to be nominated for GOP president ends

I know:Ron Paul is finally out of the running for the Republican Nomination for President.

He now has to be invited to speak at the RNC, and if he had won Nebraska, he would have been allowed to speak no matter what.

I believe:I could have sworn he was officially out of the running months ago, but it turns out he only stopped campaigning. More proof that money is a requirement to run for president: no money, no ads; no ads, no one know you are running.

What should be done: Nothing. I belive that because he stopped campaigning he should not win delegates or the nomination.

suzybeis said...

Florida Teens Smash Walmart.

Over 300 teens 'smash mobbed' a Florida Walmart
They destroyed merchandise, broke shopping carts, and caused absolute chaos
Authorities are investigating who shot the YouTube video with hopes of finding the leader of the mob

Broadcasting things like this on a world news website may serve as an influence to teens in other areas to try something like this.

Authorities should continue to search for "leaders" of this mob. More than likely this started on Facebook, and by finding one connection to the mob, they may find the source of it.

Kimberly Famiglietti said...

FBI dive team set to search for missing Iowa girls

I Know:
-In Evansdale Iowa two young girls who were cousins ages 10 and 8 went missing a week ago on their bikeride
-The last they were seen was leaving for their ride from their grandmother. Their bikes and their purses were found near meyers lake.
-The search dogs followed the girls scent into the lake and now investigators and divers drained about half of the lake to find them.
-The father thinks the girls were kidnapped because they know not to go swimming in the lake.

I believe:
-I think the girls were kidnapped because at their age they probably know not to go in the water. I knew that when I was their age.
-Since the father left in the middle of the questionnaires I think he has something to do with their disappearances.

What should be done:
-The police should look around for more witnesses and question the father more.
-I also think they should have the dogs search more for the girls

Evan Warwick said...

Commenting on Kim's story: I agree that the police should keep on looking for the missing girls and have the dogs search for them more. Its very unfortunate that these girls are missing and that nobody has found them yet.

Evan Warwick said...

Suspect in Colorado Shooting to Appear in Court

I know:
-James Holmes open fired into a crowded movie theater on friday and killed 12 and injured 58.
-He may be given the death penalty.
-His apartment was rigged to kill anyone who set foot in it.

I believe:
-I think that he should be given the death penalty because this crime was obviously planned out and he killed 12 innocent people and injured many more.

What should be done:
-James Holmes should be given the death penalty for shooting and killing people in a movie theater in Colorado on Friday.

AriannaJ said...

1. Issues
2. Polls
3. Behind the scenes
4. Money

Romney: New gun laws won't make a difference 'in this type of tragedy'

What I know
~After the Colorado theater shooting on Friday, Mitt Romney argued there was no need for new gun laws on Monday.
~He says that new gun laws won’t make a difference in this type of tragedy.

What I believe
~I believe that Romney is right to a certain point. Crazy/evil people will still be able to get guns no matter how many restrictions or laws you put on guns.

What should be done
~They should have psychological testing for when people go to buy a gun instead of just a background check.

suzybeis said...

To Ariana's project post

I agree that if someone is crazy enough, they will find a way to get a gun. Although law enforcement is doing what they can, there is still a lot of illegal gun selling "under the table". However, a presidential candidate MAY be able to enforce security in some way. I don't think this incident should be looked over the way Romney seemed to.

suzybeis said...



Behind the scenes


Romney Trip Begins in Shambles

I know:
-London newspapers are bashing GOP candidate Romney as he arrives for the olympics.
-When news of this hit the Twitter world, his "Romney Shambles" went viral and was trending.
-London's mayor even made a comment about Romney, and many are making him sound insignificant.
-Romney's associates are still trying to stay positive and seem to consider any publicity as good publcity.

I believe:
I believe many people will now see Obama as a more personable candidate. This is an opportunity for Obama to promote himself. Ultimately, he doesn't even have to bash Romney. London did that for him.

What should be done:

I think Romney should try to do some damage control rather than just shrugging this off. The Olympics are very important to citizens in the United States, and this doesn't look good for Romney by any means.

Kelli Kontney said...

The Senate is only waiting on one signature to make the use of Narcan legal to prevent an overdose. Because of the recent events in Muskego, this legislature could have a major impact on our community.