Monday, June 18, 2012

What's significant right now in the news?

Please include a topic title, a link, and your comments (what do you know, what do you believe, what do you think should be done).


Jessie Kumm said...

Afghan Insurgents strike U.S. outpost.

I know:
-A U.S. outpost security perimeter was breached by Afghan insurgents
-Nine troops were wounded and seven rebels were killed
-It is suspected that the Afghan rebels had helped from local security personnel.

What I Believe:
-That it is possible that the Afghan insurgents were helped by local security personnel.

What should be done:
-There should be an increase in security at the outpost.

Jacob Syk said...

US election: Battleground states

What I know: ►Ohio has not backed a losing presidential candidate since 1960.
►North Carolina, worth 15 electoral votes, was a Democratic win in 2008 with a difference of only 0.3%
►Florida has voted for the winner of every presidential election since 1996

What I believe: ►Ohio, Florida, and North Carolina will be the 3 most important swing states in the upcoming election.
► The candidate that wins 2/3 of these states will (probably) win.

What I think should be done: ►Everyone should vote-that is informed. What is the point of having an opinion without knowing why you have that opinion?

Nathan sippel said...

Obama pick for NLRB was top lawyer for union tainted by mob ties, history of corruption

I know:
-President Obama appointed a lawyer who has possible mob ties form his last union position, to the federal agency tasked with resolving labor disputes between unions and management.
-He was appointed one day late by
President Obama, at the start of a new congressional session allowing him to stay at his position until December 2013

What I believe:
-That federal employees should have a clean criminal record, especially not mob ties.

What should be done:
-The President should not have the power to arbitrarily elect someone, the Senate or the House should do the appointing.

AriannaJ said...

Emotional, widespread reaction to harassment of 68-year-old bus monitor

What I know
~A 68-year-old bus monitor,Karen Klein, was being bullied by four middle school boys on a bus ride home in Greece, New York on Monday
~The boys taunted her about her weight, made fun of her family, and made graphic, violent threats.
~A man created a website that raised $500,000 for her and other bully victims to go on a vacation.
~A ten minute video of her being harassed was posted on Youtube and went viral, causing people to see it

What I believe
~Although Klein should haven been more forceful in making the boys stop, the boys should still give her respect.
~She is their elder, and they should not have treated her that way.

What should be done
~The boys should be given a punishment according to their age. By that I mean, they should not be arrested, but should be banned from sports/clubs or given detentions or suspensions. The administration there should make sure that the bullying is stopped right away.

AriannaJ said...

GM is recalling Chevy Cruzes

What I know
~GM is recalling over 413,418 Chevy Cruzes
~They need to modify an engine shield because it could be a fire hazard.
~Involves all Cruzes built in the US from September 2010 to May 2012
~According to GM, there has been no known accidents from this

What I believe
~GM is extremely lucky that no accidents occured. If one did occur, it could have been explosive.

What should be done
~Obviously they should be fixing everything for free.
~All of the car companies should have better inspections to make sure that these malfuntions do not happen again.

Kimberly Famiglietti said...

Educators: Kids aren't the only ones bullied

I Know:
-A middle school bus driver was harassed by the kids on her bus. She was bullied by her kids and they threw things at her.
-This bus driver made a viral video that brought the country to recognize the harm of bullying to adults and children from students.
-Thousands of schools have the Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports which helps schools have a nice and safe learning environment.

What I believe:
-I believe that all schools should get some sort of anti-bullying program and students that bully anyone should be severely punished.

What should be done:
-The children bullying their bus driver should be charged with harrassment because they threw things at her and called her mean names.
-Schools should get programs and very bad consequences for the people that bullied another person.

suzybeis said...

Drug meeting spotlight on Peru's cocaine problem

I know:
-Peru's drug war has hit its climax, and the government is hosting a conference of 60+ nations to discuss plans to try to lessen production and distribution of the illicit drug
-Peru has now likely exceeded Columbia in production of cocaine, making it #1 worldwide.
-Production is still raging on in Peru because all attempts at eradication are at the ground-level, and violence with cartel prohibit many government officials from trying to eradicate (leaving the crops untouched)

What I believe:
-I believe that it is physically impossible to eliminate all drug trade within ANY country. However, I believe this conference will help many nations, including Peru, with their illicit drug trade.

What should be done:
-Like Columbia, Peru should use air eradication for the crops. This would be less dangerous and more successful, as it lessened production for Columbia.

Jonathan K said...

More flee as Colorado fire sends 2-mile wall of flame down ridge

I know:
- This summer has been extremely dry for the western part of the united states.
- 32,000 people were evacuated from in the Crystola Colorado alone.
- The blaze alone spans 2-3 miles in width and is encroaching many more homes in the colorado area.

What I believe:
- It will take much more time rather than days to totally extinguish the fire due to the current weather conditions that would make fighting the fire extremely difficult.

What should be done:
- The local fire department must act in the highest capacity to ensure that the homes of civilians are not consumed by the fire. A state of emergency would also provide greater assitance to the citizens of Colorado.

suzybeis said...

Go outside for a smoke? At many of nation's colleges, you'll have to go off campus completely

I know:
-Smoking for individuals ages 18-25 has reached epidemic-level
-Schools around the nation will be banning smoking from campus grounds (such as California's state system in 2013)
-Between one quarter and one third of college kids smoke, according to reports.
-Votes will be taken within education officials in the Ohio state system next month, followed by other colleges.

I believe:
-That the vote should not be solely within the education officials
-That students should have the right to vote on the issue, since they are directly affected by it.
-Protests will arise if the ban is passed.

What should be done?:
-Designated smoking areas should be put up around the campus. It's sometimes hard to tell where the campus "ends", so it would be easier to put up areas (when near buildings) that smoking is allowed.

Jessie Kumm said...

7 killed, 20 injured in Pakistan railway station bombing

I Know:
-A bomb exploded in a crowded tea shop in the Balochistan province at a railroad station
-Baloch militants are suspected for the attack
-Violence has plagued the province for decades

I Believe:
-If the violence does not end chaos will erupt.
-That the Baloch millitants should be punished for the attack.

What should be done?
-The violence which has plagued the provice for decades should be stopped. It should be controlled.

Evan Warwick said...

Supreme court Upholds Obamacare 5-4; White House 'Elated'

I know:
-The Supreme court upheld Obamacare and white house was described as being 'elated'.
-The decision impacts how Americans get medicine and health care, and also provides new court guidelines on federal power.

What I believe: I believe that Obamacare was rightly upheld by the Supreme Court and that it will help more citizens in the future.

What should be done:
The American public should embrace the decision and we should understand everything that has to do with Obamacare.

Jacob Syk said...

US Supreme Court upholds healthcare reform law

What I know: People can now get coverage for preexisting conditions.
Women will no longer be charged more than men for the same insurance.
Children can stay under their parent's health care plan under the age of 26.
There will be a fee (1% of income) for anyone without medical insurance.

What I believe: Hopefully a larger number of people will buy health insurance with the Affordable Health Care act in place.
Ideally, everyone should have health insurance because everyone will use it.

What I think should be done: We should understand the individual components that compromise the bill instead of being ignorant.

Kimberly Famiglietti said...

Ethiopian boy is missing after UK Olympic torch relay

I Know:
-15 year old boy named Natnael Yemane from Ethiopia left his hotel in central Nottingham on friday and has not been seen since.
-Natnael was one of 20 young people picked for the London Olympics "International Inspiration" program, the Games organizers said.
-Natnael is not very street smart and does not speak english well, which is a problem.

I Believe:
-I think that this boy seriously got captured, or hurt. When you are 15 and you wander off you can usually find your way back in some way.
-This boy could either went out and somebody took him in because he was lost and they don't know where he belongs

What should be done:
-There should be a major search party for this kid. Signs, police, the whole town looking for him. He couldn't have gotten THAT far in two days.

Jonathan K said...

Anti-Doping Agency files charges against Lance Armstrong

I know:
- Lance Armstrong has been scrutinized in the past for alleged illegal substance use during his biking tours
- Newly sparked motivation by the US anti-doping agency have found pressumed reason enough to charge armstrong of illegal substance use and strip him of his numerous cycling victories in the past.
- Armstrong strongly denies such claims and has been tested numberous times in the past for illegal substances but no such drugs have been detected in his system.

What I believe:
- It is very odd that the U.S. anti-doping agency would suddenly bring about such claims without reputable evidence to be brought to trial. I believe that it is a far too early stage of the investigation to determine if Armstrong had seriously done performance enhancing drugs at the time. The history sides with armstrong as he has been tested numberous times in the past and never failed before. Only further evidence can convince the general public otherwise.

Nathan Sippel said...

'Fire Holder' protesters miffed after demonstration cut short over unattended bag

I know: That while protesters were on the North Lawn of the Whitehouse, the Secret Service spotted an unattended backpack, and proceded to clear the street, and shut down the protest.

What I believe: It seems like too great of a coincidence that 30 minutes into the protest, a reason was found to shut the protest down.

What should be done: I feel that while the Secret Service was doing their job, more effort could have gone into the search for the backpacks owner (who was later found).

Jessie Kumm said...

Bomb Blasts kill 3 in Iraq

I Know:
-A series of nine bombs killed 37 people across Iraq
-Over 230 people were killed in the month of June because of car bombs and roadside bombs
-Violence rate has dropped across the country since 2008

I Believe:
-The security should be increased in Iraq
-The bombers need to be caught

What Should be done:
-Plans should be made to end bombings
-Consequences should be set in place to prevent other incidents from occuring

suzybeis said...

Pennsylvania High School Puts Itself Up For Sale on eBay.

What I know:
-An alternative high school in Pennsylvania is struggling with money.
-A recent graduate, concerned with the struggle, suggested the school put itself 'for sale' on eBay.
-The minimum bid is $600,000, however, the winner will not own the school. Basically, the school is hoping this will attract a wealthy benefactor.

What I believe:
-I believe the auction will probably be left unsuccessful, as sad as it is.
-However, the idea attracted news attention that may lead to donation.

What should be done:
-Media should continue to publicize what this school did, again, hopefully attracting donations.
-The school personnel could push even more to raise money, and may be more successful after their 15-minutes of fame.

Evan Warwick said...

Job Growth Remains Tepid

I know:
-The economy added 80,000 jobs last month.
-The unemployment rate remained at 8.2%.
-The unemployment rate is expected to improve within the next year.

What I Believe:
-I think that it is possible that the unemployment rate will improve, but not drastically.

What should be done:
-The economy should keep adding jobs like it is and eventually the unemployment rate will decrease.

Kimberly Famiglietti said...

Seventeen magazine vows not to alter images, to 'celebrate every kind of beauty'

I Know:
-Seventeen Magazine vows to never change the shape of their models body and faces.
-more than 84,000 people who signed a petition, started by teenager Julia Bluhm, clearly believed Seventeen and other publications didn't always present the full, unvarnished truth.
-When teens look at perfect girls that are edited in the magazine it makes them feel bad about themselves

I Believe:
-Seventeen magazine is doing the right thing. It is great to see real girls in magazine and not fake touch-ups of people.

What Should be Done:
-Seventeen should continue this and hopefully other women's magazines follow.

Jacob Syk said...

US sizzles in record heat wave

What I know:
The heat index is predicted to hit 112F (44C) in some areas.
Excessive heat warnings have been issued for Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, WISCONSIN, Minnesota, Nebraska, South Dakota, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.
It has been very hot in Wisconsin for the past three days!

What I believe:
I will have a fatal heat stroke in this killer weather!!

What should be done:
We should work at restoring power for the thousands that lost it.
I will be careful to not let my cat spend too much time sunbathing...

Nathan Sippel said...

California Senate backs bill to shield many illegal immigrants from deportation

What I know: The California Senate has approved a bill that could create a sanctuary state for illegal immigrants by shielding many of them from deportation.
Law enforcement cannot turn over immigrants unless they have a serious criminal record.

What I believe: The keyword is illegal. Shouldn't illegal immigration count as a serious crime? They are breaking the law, and should not have the protection of our law enforcement.

What should be done: Illegal Immigrants should be deported.

Jonathan K said...

Tension as polls open in first Libyan election in 60 years

I know:
- Libya has not held free elections in 60 years under the reign of Moammar Gadhafi.
- The election will decide the 200 cabinet member seats and will make way for the later parlimentary elections
- There are concerns of forceful intimidation to keep some voters from voting.
- The majority of the candidates are from islamic origins and will make way for the next "arab spring" after Egypt and Tunisia.

What I beleive:
- Although the signs of change are encouraging, it will take much more time to rebuild Libya in a state of a functional democracy but it will be unknown who the next leader may be and his agenda for the country. Whether he will be a ruthless tyrant or a reasonable ruler, only time will tell.

What should be done:
- The officials regulating the election in libya must ensure that are no attempts at wide scale corruption and to ensure the voters that it is safe to come out and vote without facing the threat of danger.

Melanie Melanie Kretchman said...

What I know: -Wind Lake is only about 30 or 40 feet deep.
-The man jumped in and went swimming at the deepest part of the lake.
-They are not allowing anyone to swim in the lake right now until the find the body.
-They are waiting until the body bloats and floats.
-There was many, many boats on the lake on Saturday when the man went swimming.
What I believe: -I believe all of the news I heard, but I believe they have not searched hard enough, unless the man is deep, deep into the water.
-I believe there are tons of weeds in the lake this year.
-The water was very clear.
What I think should be done:
-They should search harder and longer, the lake is at most 40 feet deep.
-The man might have gone somewhere else, but if not I feel they should go on with their plan to wait until the body bloats and floats, but should continue to search hard every day.

Melanie Melanie Kretchman said...

To suzy's last story, I think they should keep publicizing this story so that people all around the country can donate. They really look like they need help with money.

suzybeis said...

To Nathan's last story/ opinion, I disagree. While I understand where you're coming from, the immigration to California will not ever be entirely cut off. The issues in other countries (ex. drug cartel in Mexico), make the United States look like heaven to some immigrants. Many of these immigrants are innocent people looking for a better life that are not fortunate enough to afford the cost of becoming a citizen of the United States. The bill gives right to deport those with a criminal record. These keeps "the bad guys" from bringing more crime to California. But, as I mentioned above, it gives more "good" people a chance.

suzybeis said...

Turbulence injures passengers, crew as flight approaches Miami

What I know:
-Three passengers were sent to a hospital, while around ten others were given on-site medical attention.
-The flight was American Airlines, from Aruba to Miami.
-Extreme turbulence occured as the airplane prepared to land in Miami.
-The radar showed no turbulence in the area.
-No one was seriously injured.

What I believe:
-I believe that the radar on that specific plane should be checked for defects.
-I believe that the airline will get somewhat of a bad name, which is ridiculous because turbulence happens all the time.

What should be done:
Basically, people are too sue-happy and a lawsuit will probably come out of this. It's ridiculous, because no one was seriously hurt. Business, and flights, should carry on as usual and this shouldn't be made into a big deal.

Jessie Kumm said...

To Suzy's last story I disagree that radars should be checked for defects because it can lead to dangerous situations. I believe it should be added to plane pre-flight checks to make sure the plane is safe and efficient.

Jessie Kumm said...

Indian man beheads daughter in rage over lifestyle

What I Know:
-A father beheaded his daughter with a sword becasue he was dissappointed with her relationships with men.
-Local women of the town had a procession carring the girls remains to her funeral.
-The man was charged with murder
-local women not allowed to attend funeral.

What I believe:
-Local women should have been allowed to attend the funeral
-The girls father should have had a calm talk with her not behead her, this is very disturbing.

What should happen:
-Although it might go against some religions, arranged marriages are unfair and not romantic. Arranged marriages should be eliminated from future life plans. Everyone should marry who they fall in love with. Thats my opinion.

Melanie Melanie Kretchman said...

To jessie's last story, I agree with you 100%, he shouldn't have beheaded his daughter, he should have just talked to her. This is extremely disturbing and unhumane.

Melanie Melanie Kretchman said...

Iranian Dad arrested because of his son's facebook page.

What I know:
-The 25 year old son was making fun of a Shiite Muslim imam, and their religion.
- The son was posting pictures of the imam with a bird pooping on them, and other pictures.
-The page got over 21,000 likes.
-The son says many other religions are made fun of and they aren't punished.
-The son was aware that the govt. could see but he didn't put too much thought in it. He thought his family back in Iran might be offended also.

What I believe:
-The son shouldn't have posted this, you have to watch what you post on facebook.
-The dad should not be punished for his 25 year old son's actions, the son should be put in jail.
-Everybody believes in different things, and they have the right to.

What should happen:
-The son should apologize to whom he made fun of, and his family, and the govt.
-The dad should be taken out of jail, and if anybody is in there it should be the son.
-The son should've learned his lesson that you have to be careful what you post on facebook, even if it is funny to him.

Evan Warwick said...

To Jessie Kumm's last story: I totally agree that arranged marriages are unfair. I think its absolutely crazy that the father of this girl beheaded her for her relationships with men. He couldn't have just talked it out with her?! Overall, its just a weird and unfortunate story.

Evan Warwick said...

JPMorgan Fears Traders Obscured Losses in First Quarter

I know:
-JP Morgan Chase fears that its losses on a credit bet could be over $7 million.
-Traders may have intentionally hidden this information.
-JP Morgan is forced to restate its first-quarter results.

What I Believe:
I think that the traders shouldn't have concealed this information and that this is an unfortunate turn of events for JP Morgan.

What should be Done: I think that JP Morgan's losses should be contained and they should respond with a good third-quarter.

Melanie Kretchman said...

Fugitive pilot tries to steal jet, kill self?

I know:
-He is from Utah.
-He is 39 years old.
-He was found dead Friday with stab wounds.
-He served in the Colorado National Guard.

I believe:
-He most likely killed himself since he was important in his society, and stole a plane.
-He should've known better not to do this.

What should be done:
-A proper burial should happen, since he was important in his state.

suzybeis said...

To Melanie's story about the dad's arrest for his son's page:

I agree, it is not the father's responsiblity to watch over his adult son. Furthermore, I believe everyone has the right to say and post what they want. There will never be a time when people totally agree with the government, and there will always be people ridiculing it. This was just taken too far.

Jessie Kumm said...

To Suzy's comment about Melanie's story about the dad's arrest for his son's page:

I also agree, that it is not the father's responsibility to watch over his son who is an adult. Although everyone has the right to say and post what they want, people need to learn what is appropriate and respectful towards everyone. The son's posts were taken too far.

Jessie Kumm said...

US Ship fires on boat off Dubai

I Know:
-Small vessel approached US NS navy ship in United Arab Emirate
-Dingy turned away after US Ship fired then turned back and approacheed ship
-one person was killed, three injured
-unusual for US navy ship to fire around Strait of HormuZ

I Believe:
-It has happened before so I believe more precautions should be taken to prevent this
-This event however did not seem like an usual Iranian "test"

What should be done:
- More precautions should be made
- Also an agreement that these so called "tests" should stop

AriannaJ said...

Shooting suspect was doctoral student, had 'distinguished' college career

What I know:
~James Eagan Holmes is a 24 year-old man who was a top student at University of California, Riverside.
~He studied neuroscience.
~Earlier Friday he busted into a Batman premier and killed 12 people.
~He was wearing a ballistic helmet, a tactical ballistic vest, ballistic leggings, protectors over his throat and his groin, a gas mask and black tactical gloves.
~He threw two canisters of what was believed to be tear gas, and opened fire.

What I believe:
~He should get the death penalty.
~He knew exactly what he was doing, and he should not get off the hook for "insanity".

What should be done:
~They should execute him.

AriannaJ said...

To Kim's story about Seventeen Magazine

What I know:
~Seventeen magazine has made a vow to never alter any pictures of their models.
~Many girls have very low self esteems because they do not look as perfect as the models.

What I believe:
~Seventeen magazine is doing a really good thing.

What I think should be done:
~Seventeen magazine should continue this.
~Other magazines should join in.

Jacob Syk said...

As blood donations decline, U.S. ban on gay donors is examined

What I know: In June, blood donations were down more than 10%
Gay men can't legally give blood.

What I believe: With today's technology of HIV screening, the blood donating ban is outdated.
Blood banks need the extra blood.

What should be done: By changing the law, we would end a discrimination problem and a public health issue.

Jacob Syk said...

To Arianna’s story about the Colorado Shooting

What I know: He killed at least 12 and injured many more in a Colorado movie theatre.
Police are carefully investigating his booby-trapped apartment.

What I believe:
We should reassess our policies on gun ownership and who can own firearms.

What should be done: He should be punished to the full extent of the law.

suzybeis said...

Security stepped up nationwide in wake of Colorado movie theater shooting

I Know:
-Movie Theaters are taking steps to keep movie theaters a safe place.
-This all results from the Colorado shooting on the night of the premiere of "The Dark Knight Rises".
-Security measures include banning masks and props, increasing security at premieres, and other serious attempts to prevent copycats.

I Believe:
I believe that the suspect of the Colorado shooting is sick. Not only did he ruin many lives and take many lives that night, he is the reason that movies bring a sense of longer enjoyment.

What should be done:
However, I do believe these security measures are necessary. This killer may be an influence to another sick human. It's simply sad to see it come to this.

Melanie Kretchman said...

Same Sex Marriage

Most people don't want to know about Romney's personal life

I know:
41% of people want to hear more about Mitt Romney's records as governor, 36% of his income tax returns, 35% of his records CEO of bain capitol, 21% wealth, 19% family, and 16% religious.
I believe:
People should know who they're voting for, and know enough about that candidate so they know exactly who will be in office and what they'll do based on what they believe in.

What should be done:
People should research what they want to know on Mitt Romney, or Romney should tell the public about his past.

Under issues & economy


Melanie Kretchman said...

To suzy's last story:
I know:
there has been a shooting in colorado at the new Batman movie, many died and more were injoured. Theaters are trying to increase security.

I believe: The secuirty is necessary. Viewers should not have to be worrying about getting shot at a movie, they should just be worrying about the outcome of their movie.... The man who did this is not right in the head & deserves to spend the rest of his life in prison.

Should be done:
The man who did this should serve a life sentance in prison so nobody has to worry about him coming back and killing/injouring more people.

Cody Swendrowski said...

NASA has plans to put a new Space Station beyond the moon. This will be twice as far away from Earth as the current ISS. This new station will help to test the effects of space on astronauts. I believe that, although risky, this is important to the future of space travel for our civilization. We should put more funds into NASA to help promote our future.

Nadia Tabbal said...

What I know: Amanda Todd was a 16 year old from Canada who took her own life on October 10th, 2012 (last Wednesday) due to extreme cyber bullying.

What I believe: People need to hear her story and understand the damage that was done to this poor teenager. Cyber bullying is NEVER okay and people do not understand the severity of how it affects individuals until it is too late.

What should be done: Amanda's story should be told, and any view of cyber bullying should be reported to prevent future devastating stories from occuring.

Brandon Ebli said...

Something imant in the news right now is the after thoughts of the elec. Why everything happened why it did, why certain states favored the winner and why. Another important thing is all the cover on the hurricane sandy damages how we are dealing with it.

Olyvia Moczynski said...

Currently something big in the news is the shooting at the elementary school in Connecticut.
I know: -20 innocent childrens lives were taken and 6 staff members.
-the shooter was trying to kill his mom who was a teacher.
-the shooter is also dead.

I Believe: -this is such a tragic event. It never should have happened.

What should be done: -the shooter is already dead so there is nothing that can be done with him but now we just need to support all the victims families.

Natalie Sobierajski said...

Sen. Grassley (R-IA): Senate will not pass assault weapon ban

I know:
Gun control is a hot topic. There has been strong discussion of banning assault weapons, however, the NRA has a strong community of supporters. In recent months, there has been many tragic events that have arose the idea of gun control.

What I believe:
There needs to be some control policy implemented to keep the people safe.

What should be done:
There should be a policy made.