Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Who will be chosen for each candidate's vice president? AND/OR What do you think about each candidate's choice?

My predictions:
1. Biden
2. Clinton

1. Romney
2. Ridge

The "most fun for the fall" picks:
1. Bloomberg (D or R)
2. Gore (D)
3. Fiorina (R)
4. Lieberman (R)
5. Jindal (R)
6. Powell (D)

No Chance Picks:
1. Edwards (D)
2. Richardson (D)
3. Clark (D)
4. Huckabee (R)
5. Giuliani (R)

My Humble Opinon of who would help the ticket the most:
1. Clinton (this is a change for me. I think her help now outweighs her hurt for the ticket)
2. Ridge (doubles down on the national security narrative and the maverick narrative...the guy is would take a maverick to pick him.)
3. Biden (D)
4. Bloomberg (R)


arletap said...

You called it. Obama-Biden.

I hate it when you're right.

Mr. Bretzmann said...

Sorry about that, but you have to take into account the benefit of those Biden teeth!

arletap said...

It is rather handy to know that if Air Force One can't find a place to land, Biden's right there, tilting his head back and opening wide. What more could you want from a running mate?

joannaz said...

Gah. I hate that you called it over a year ago.

Jake_H said...

Biden was my top choice for Obama's running mate for a long time. Im just glad to know that he came through.

MorganJ said...

AHHH. i freaked when i heard Obama's vp pick was Biden!! Now I don't know what to

I'm a huge Biden fan, not so much an Obama one.

BUT I was planning on voting for McCain...

This was the BEST possible move Obama could have made (at least in my opinion). This decision is going to make a lot of people think twice about who they are voting for.

Oh, and the day this happened, Jake texted me, because I'm at school, to tell me he called it. So props to Mr. B and Jake for being psychics!

JamieW said...

I absolutely love that we all came to the AP Gov blog when we heard the news. Biden...good choice. How do you call things so far in advance Bretzmann....I'm impressed.

RyanO said...

Love the Obama-Biden ticket. The only one I would love more would be Obama-Kucinich, but we all know that would never happen. Whatever happened to summer posting for next year's ap gov students?

JamieW said...

im with Oman. the new ap gov kids have to learn that this blog is a pretty cool spot...especially when a bunch of kids and their teacher are staying up late to predict if there will be a snow day or not.

Mr. Bretzmann said...

I'm very happy and quite proud that some of you are still coming here (and using words like "Gah" and "AHHH")! I'm exceptionally proud of that Super Tuesday when we had hundreds of posts. I'm glad we still meet here once in awhile. If I were a wee bit sappy, I'd probably say that I miss talking politics with you in person even more.

On the summer blogging...with new people adding at the last minute, technological, access and other issues, we spent the first weeks of school last year trying to make grades "accurate" with extra credit and make-up work. Then some had normal grades and others had extra-high grades for awhile because they did the extra credit too. So I decided that this year we would try something different and make the blog required during the school year only.

Even so, the new students are doing a full-fledged practice test this summer that you alumni didn't do until spring break last year! So it's a horse apiece I guess.

Good luck at school. Study hard. They say you should leave your dorm room door open in the beginning so you can meet new people (only during the day when others are around and only when it's safe, of course). Get involved. Change the world.

Obama-Teeth '08

Mr. Bretzmann said...

Why it has to be Romney:
1. Biden has Scranton, Pennsylvania roots and the major media market that he has run ads in since the 70's is based out of Pennsylvania (not Delaware). This makes it really difficult for McCain to win PA. So he has to win Michigan. Romney's history with MI helps there.

2. Obama and Biden are senators. McCain is a senator. He has to choose someone who is not a senator. Can't you just see Romney sitting there in a debate and talking about how he has been in the real world and created jobs. And then asking Biden what he has been doing since 1972 (senator).

3. With the experience and longevity of Biden, you can't have a relatively unknown national figure like the Minnesota governor sitting there with him in the debate. You need someone with some national credentials to go toe to toe with Biden.

4. Romney has shown his ability and level of comfort with being an attack dog. He has no problem going after anybody. You need someone who can go on the attack so McCain can look presidential and above the fray. Romney fits the bill here too.

5. Biden's teeth can only be combatted by Romney's hair...

Problems with this: a. Two multimillionaires on the ticket (hard to sell this in a near recession era and when you're trying to win economically strapped Michigan and Ohio). b. McCain/Romney didn't get along in the primaries (this shouldn't matter, but some think it does matter to McCain). c. Many Evangelical voters don't like, and won't get excited about Romney being on the ticket in part because he is a Mormon.

MorganJ said...

Bretzmann, my door is open, and I'm on my way to changing the world!!!!

RyanO said...

I was disappointed that there weren't any new posts most of the summer, with how bored I've been I resorted to posting on cnn's and fox's websites, but I found that the conversations there were always much less composed and no where near as interesting.

JamieW said...

Today, I leave for college. HOW COOL. My Obama sign is packed and will be a lovely addition to my dorm room. I plan on keeping my door open as much as possible. This blog has been so much fun that I don't think I'm going to really stop posting. No worries, I will remain off task and be sure to bring up snow days if they are at all possible. I don't think the incoming class will ever fully understand neither the power of this blog nor that the Lock box has nothing to do with John Locke. I still seem to think the two somehow relate. Ah its far too late though.I should go to bed so I can wake up and move in to my dorm. Enjoy college everyone :-)

MorganJ said...

Bretzmann, you weren't as psychic as thought you were... but who could've predicted Sarah Palin.

Justin Latawiec said...

Obama Picked Biden and I think this choice was a terrible one because if Biden was "promoted" to president for whatever reason, I dont think he would be able to handle the requirements