Friday, June 20, 2008

Analysis: Showcased in these ads, which will be the most effective storyline for the fall?

McCain "Safe" ad "Not Alex" ad

Obama "Country I Love" ad

All three are running in Wisconsin. Wisconsin will be (is?) a battleground state. The Obama bio ad is running in 18 states--including many states where a Democrat has not been competitive for years. McCain's ad was the first one to be "up" (meaning: on t.v. in any given state).

So many elections are about defining yourself and defining your opponent. This is exactly what each campaign, and, are trying to do. started out as a special interest group trying to end the war in Iraq and has since expanded considerably to give its 2 cents on most liberal political causes. There is some question among Republicans as to why McCain waited so long to try to define himself. Why didn't he use the months that he had without an opponent to try to define himself and whoever his opponent would be? Notice how Obama talks about Kansas values (the values of the "heartland") and not big city Chicago values. Is he trying to court those working class Clinton supporters? Shouldn't he have won their support already?

Feel free to go to the websites to see more videos and get more information (if you like busses as much as my 2 year old son, you should check out McCains website where they have a "Cribs" tour of the Straight Talk Express Bus--no joke) (btw: shouldn't it be "Pimp My Ride" instead of "Cribs"?)


Alex D said...

I know I graduated this class and am no longer obligated to post however....

that add was the dumbest add I have seen in a long time. If we keep this up maybe will air an aid talking about Obama not wearing a flag lapel pin or being black...

Alex D said...


I am embarrassed that they used my name. They should have went with something more fitting for the tone of their website that i just visited, how about Karl Marx?

Johnny B said...

McCain "safe" ad: He's trying to use his past to show that he isn't hungry for war. We get it. He has a huge war history. But he doesn't mention how long he would allow us to be at war in the future. "Not Alex" ad: I didn't really like it, to be honest. It was cheesy. Plain and simple. I mean it's a good idea...yea that in 100 years our offspring would be fighting...but the delivery was just all wrong.

Obama "Country I Love" ad: I like how it shows his past, because I believe his past is a good story. It shows how someone who starts out down in America can rise up and do great things.

P.S. I know my bias is evident. :]

Alex D said...

buy it, play it, supposed to be good

CoreyA said...

Bretzmann... I have not discussed politics in so long...

For those who feel like reading... in the summer:

When I spend long periods of time not watching the news... politics has no affect on me at all. I just thought I'd throw that out there.

When you are around it all the time you have this false sense of being able to do something about whats going on. And when you stop and think about it, someone is always advocating for something. Which, to me at least, says "sucess is relative". No matter who gets into office now, and no matter what that person wants, all that is happening is a minor sucess in the long run. Democrats and Republicans are never better or worse than each other because they shift back and forth in office. All you need to do is run a commercial endorsing "change" (that you may or may not be able to beleive in, and really should not if you look farther back then a 4 or 8 year period of time) and you will get huge support.

What does this tell you? It tells you that people always want change because everytime they get something its not what they wanted. They can tell themselves that its what they wanted, but its not, because you always want more. You never get any where. Hardcore Republican types always want their own supremesis and their "Americans are better than you, speak my language. We are free, but don't do things I consider wrong" and Democrats always want their "We are free, but I want to control your money so that everyone can be equally free". And I just want everyone to do whatever they want and not whatever a majority wants. If you feel like taking over my country with a few people, great. Have fun. But if I feel like killing you shortly after that, I'll have fun as well. Do what ever you want, and I'll do what ever I want. Capitalism.

In theory, even countries that hate capitalism only have their governments because someone capitalized on the peoples fears or wants and created their own countries. Every thing was founded on capitalism. On people doing what they want regardless of what anyone else wanted.

And everyone always wants something, because we are never happy enough. We always want to make more money, or buy a new something, or be better than someone else. And we never stop to look at what we already have. Don't look at what someone else has that you don't, but what you do have that someone else does not. Be happy with whats here, not with what else you want (and never say what you "need"... the only thing you people "need" is nice swift kick in the a... -er, i regress...).

I guess what I'm trying to say for no reason other than I have never had a stage to say it on before, Politics is rich people getting richer, or rich people allowing poor people to get richer. And no one is actually getting any where in the long run, because if you let the lower class become the middle class, then the middle class is now in the lower class because they are the bottum. And then the cost of living rises to coincide with the increased money in people's pockets. Supply and Demand. Now the lower class is back in their place and need more money. If the rich get richer, nothing changeds either. Upper class is still Upper class with no change to anyone.

(If its any consolation, universal suffrage was a big accomplishment that I'm proud we accomplished. And other things along the lines of allowing for equal opportunity I'm also proud of. That sets the stage for Capitalism.)

Go ahead government, create more jobs... I have 2 jobs... I didn't need the government to create those jobs. If you want to work, you'll find a job. Its not hard. If you don't have a job, its because you probably didn't want to work a certain kind of job. But unskilled people need unskilled labor and if you don't want to work the job, don't complain that you can't find a job.

Illegal immigrants coming to work and being stopped by people advocating for capitalism is wrong. "Do what it takes to get ahead! But don't come here..." Do what it takes to get you what you want. Come here and get a job, I don't care. Oh damn, they took the jobs that you didn't want. "Illegals are taking our jobs!". 'Our' jobs? I wasn't aware that you liked picking tomatoes so much. I mean, I heard you were applying for those jobs and they were your life long dream and all... You really wanted that job, right? And if you don't want Illegals taking your job, you could always allow them to become legals so that they can play the equal opportunity game that I advocate for.

Corey's goal: Globalization and Capitalism.

Everyone doing what they want (Much like world anarchy... but anarchy is a shunned word... survival of the fittest mayhap?)

World peace would be nice as well... but we would need to educate people to be more tolerable first...

But I'm happy with my place. And I can stay happy where I am. Leave your politics where they are... away from me. I focus on my world, you focus on yours... stay out of mine... and I'll stay out of yours. Sounds fair... but political advocates who advocate for "fairness" oddly enough, will try to get into my business... ironic.

I have to be places...

Have a nice day!

Live, Laugh, Love, Drink and be Merry!

JamieW said...

aw I miss gov :-(

amandak said...

Wow, Corey, that was quite a rant. I actually read all of it and didn't even get angry once, which is probably a first.

But I'm just curious, aren't the new AP Gov students supposed to be posting on this blog? Where are these people?

Alex D said...

i received a 4! on my AP Government and Politics exam!

hellz yeah - get out of class free card

ericag said...

yah Mr. Bretzmann im gonna be really mad if this years students dont have to blog cuz i got really screwed over first semester for not blogging.....and if they just arent can you screw them over realllllly ba =] pretty please.