Sunday, February 03, 2008

Analysis: What will you be watching for on Tuesday? How will you "decide" who won?

States won?
Delegates won?
Certain states? (MO, CA, NJ, NY, IL, GA...)
"Obvious" Momentum?
Media Proclamations?
Candidate concession speeches?
Big, populous states vs. small states?
Relative closeness or distance in the results?
Region of the country?
Conservative Christians?
Registered Republicans as opposed to Independents?
Registered Democrats as opposed to Independents?

Campaigns and Elections:
If you're interested in campaigns and elections, you might want to take a look at this magazine that is offered online this month for free. I subscribe and have shared a couple of articles with you from past issues. I find it quite interesting (especially the advertising--check out the one that focuses on "Rich Republicans")

Super Tuesday Spreadsheet:
I'll share my Super Tuesday Spreadsheet with you via moodle so you can impress your friends and neighbors as you keep track of who wins which state and their delegate accumulation. I borrowed the template from someone else and then updated it for the other party. It's an ongoing process.


CoreyA said...

I will be watching for conservative Christains beleive it or not. I really do not care how people talk on the microphone, how people hype themselves, how people rally the crowd. I care about morals. Where my Christains go will mean a lot. I am hoping that there will be a clear winner at the end so I won't have to decide anything.

Erica C said...

I looking for a close race between Clinton and Obama, McCain and Romney across the board. I do not expect there to be a leader after Tuesday from either side.

arletap said...

I agree with Erica in regards to Clinton&Obama being a close race; however, I don't see Romney being a major threat to McCain. Yes, they're currently close delegate-wise, but I don't see Romney getting more than a handful of states, though if he could wrangle up states like CA... Ah, the possibilities are endless.

I myself will be watching the Obama/Clinton race very closely... I'm seeing Clinton taking the coasts, (CA, NJ, NY, etc...), while Obama gets everything else.

Tuesday seems oh so far away.

Sidenote: Corey, when did morality solely equate itself with Christianity?

Adam L said...

Well, I was hoping to see Guliani on superduper tuesday, but that didn't happen. I am looking forward to seeing if Obama can over run Hillary. I would like to se who one based of the debates and the issues. Specifically the issue of the war on "terror"

Jake_H said...

I will have a close eye on Obama and Clinton. I don’t expect that either one of the candidates will pull ahead. I will be watching the states that they win and how many delegates they take from each one.

Tom B. said...

Im really hoping that Thompson reurects his campaign and sweeps both the democratic and republican primaries, but if that doesnt happen then i'll be keeping an eye on my boy Romney.

BrookeS said...

I'm eager to see how the race among the Republicans turns out, mostly, between McCain and Romney. As for determining the winner, I think I'll be taking greater consideration for the overall winner per age group. I read an interesting article in "Time" discussing the impact the younger age group (18-25) will have on this election. (From what the polls show, Obama seems to be gaining most of this crowd's attention.) Personally, I'm glad to see the younger age groups becoming active participants in the '08 elections.

amandak said...

I'll be looking to see if Romney can bounce back (because personally I will be shocked if I don't see McCain's name on the ballot in November). As other people have said, I don't expect either Hillary or Barack to really pull ahead on Tuesday.

newkirk said...

i hope it stays a close race until the end so that all the candidates continue to campaign in all the states and not just assume that they have won certain states.

Christina S said...

I'll be looking to see if Obama can over run Clinton. I agree that there won't be a clear leader after tuesday. Also, I really don't think Romney is a threat to Mccain, at all. I agree with newkirk that and I hope it stays close until the end.

Vlad said...
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Vlad said...

I threw up. Twice.

JamieW said...

In opposition of Vlad, I actually really liked that song. I thought it was quite clever. The song in class today was actually a bit better than this one though. It was catchy :-)

Tomorrow will most likely be an exciting day for the candidates.I don't believe there will be a clear winner on the Democratic side. I do however believe Mitt Romney will begin to fall behind John McCain progressively more from this point on. Like Manda, I'd be surprised to see anyone elses name on the Republican side of the ballot on November 4th.

Vlad said...

Also, while I wasn't the one who found the Super Tuesday song, I just stumbled on it on one of my favorite sites:

tomj said...

I'll probably be watching for the race between Obama and Clinton. I'm more of a republican myself, but I think that one of those two candidates will be the winner of the general election. I'd decide the winner as to where most of the independent voters go. They are probably the biggest sway in the vote.

MorganJ said...

I will be watching to see the race between Clintion and Obama. I'm waiting for a front runner, and I'm hoping I'll get one (but I probably won't). I'll determine the winner be who receives the most delegates.

KellyH said...

Vlad I personally like the Yes We Can song. I really think it's cool that people are taking the race and their beliefs into their own hands and doing whatever they know how to do to help get the word out and get people involved. If more people took the initiative to do things like this, it would show that people in the U.S. actually do care; that's something I think needs to start happening.

In response to the blog, I will be watching everything... Across the Universe comes out on Tuesday but I'm still hands down going to be watching MSNBC all night... I am interested to see how independents vote on both Republican and Democratic sides, because that's going to factor in in the general election quite a bit. I don't believe there will be a clear winner between Obama and Clinton, but I do think McCain will pull ahead.

Sidenote: Thank you Arleta for saying that!!!

Angelina said...

I will watching everything for the rest of the evening, as I am doing now. It definitely is going to an interesting night. Who knows what's going to happen. I mostly will be watching Obama and Clinton, which should be very, very close, as predicted.

Angelina said...

Check this site out,
Some of the songs some of the people made up are hilarious.

Lisa Marie said...

I just want to let you know I'm keeping track of super tuesday on my phone because i'm going to see Matchbox Twenty w/ Megan B. I'm also video taping some of it. So i'll post again later!

Alex D said...

Obama vs HIllary:
closer than I first believed it would be but I think The HIll has won enough for me to put my money down on here... a lot of money

@#@# Huckabee.
enough said

(I used to be a big supported of McCain but I have come to realize his liberal past and things that he has done and now would like to see Romney win.)

I am watching for who won how many states and who wins California, for the Obama that is a MUST WIN

Alex D said...

I just looked at the California exit polls:

Looks like for the liberals more above 40 turned out than the younger people Obama needs, It also appeared that there was much more Latino who seem to favor Clinton...

Might not be good

arletap said...

Joanna and I decided to brave the storm and headed out to La Estacion today. Besides the completely awful food, (how, how, HOW can you mess up making a crepe?), it was quite an experience. Applause rang out across the restaurant at the mere sight of Obama upon the screen. It's nice seeing people supporting their cause. Didn't see you showing your support, Mr. Bretzmann! =]

Oh, and according to one of the Obama guys, Governor Doyle will be showing his support for Obama in Waukesha at 7 pm, if anyone's interested.