Saturday, February 17, 2007

What type of tasks/activities should the Poly Squad focus on and why? Also include your thought on what should be done with gathering items to send.

This is the Kenosha Tremper website for the Recovery Project:

I believe that the Poly Squad should engage in task and/or activities that promote political awareness in this area, of events throughout the nation, not only events in our community, such as reminding our community of the disastrous hardships that many New Orleans residents are dragged through every day. The squad should help present both sides of issues, debating them fully, suggesting what should be done and taking action on issues, if a consensus is reached on what type of action should be taken. Poly Squad should get involved in issues affecting our community and other communities throughout the nation. It is so easy for people to feel very strongly about issues that affect them everyday, they are able to form a potent connection to the politics of the community and they sometimes forget issues affecting the state, region, nation, or different states, regions, or even nations. Reaching for these goals would also help our younger generation to get involved early in life, become more informed on political issues and help shape the future leaders of our community, state, region, or nation.As for the squad’s first undertaking, of gathering items for southern Louisiana residents, I feel that we may have some added success in gathering items for the gulf coast resident if we effectively play up the connections from the past, at this time of the year, with Fat Tuesday and Mardi gras. These festivities may help many people to recall seeing or hearing about past parties in New Orleans, and what a dynamic, lively, and vivacious city New Orleans was, and also recall the pictures of people sitting on the roofs of their houses, waiting for a boat to come past and rescue them. These recent memories of huge amounts of water taking over and engulfing everything, may strike a sentimental cord and contribute to the community’s generosity, in giving the everyday goods that are needed in the gulf coast region.
--Megan B.


trevorhguy said...

I feel that there is a definite void in our community where politics should be. People I have conversed with make preposterous claims that, “Government doesn’t affect us” and “I can’t do anything to change it so why should I care?”(Both quotes provided by Kyle Stengel). I would like to raise political awareness among teens that are under 18 to show them that they can in fact, influence the government. I think that fund raising and voter awareness should be the Poly Squad’s top priorities.

KimK said...

I agree with Megan that the POLY squad should get involved in issues affecting both our community and communities throughout the nation. I also agree that we could invoke sentiment for our cause for New Orleans by playing off of Fat Tuesday/Mardi Gras. To gather items to send I think we could put donation boxes in classrooms and ask students to donate. We should make it a community project so as to get as many donations as possible. We could make a list of all the things that we would accept as donations and post it around the community, perhaps focusing on certain items different days/weeks to draw attention to specific items the people in Louisiana need. Asking teachers to offer extra credit for donations would be a good incentive for students. Perhaps we could even make it a classroom competition to see which class can donate the most.

tonileep said...

I agree with everyone that we should get involved in our community. I agree with Kim that we could put boxes in classrooms and have students donate items we feel are important. We could ask Sentry or Pick N Save to get involved and put boxes there so customers could purchase items and put it in the box and maybe ask some companies for donations so we could purchase items. Also, the extra creidt idea would be a very good incentive for students, I think that would work out the best as an incentive. I think we do need to get involved and raise political awareness in our community and I'm looking forward to what we come up with.

BrandonK1 said...

First off, i agree with everyones opinion on poly squads involvement in the community and nation, but i'm going to focus on the New Orleans plan on this one. I say that we make this a school or community event. I'm sure that most people will feel the need to help out the people who live in New Orleans. Also, this would make people realize that there is still families in need down in New Orleans. By allowing the community to participate, im sure more people would embrace the cause rather than ignore it.

Also, as a boy scout, I know for a fact that there are many boy scout troops, girl scout troops and church groups that would jump at a cause such as this. I'm sure with everyones help we could easily fill two semi trucks.

KerryW said...

Like everyone else has pointed out, I too believe that getting the community involved is a great idea. To comment on the idea for helping people in New Orleans, it not not only brings more awareness to the problems still going on in New Orleans, but it will also provide political awareness to our community's youth who needs to realize that they can make a difference and change things or at least affect something. (It's a good idea). For other ideas, spreading awareness on issues going on with not only the United States but with the world. Famine and disease and how it affects somebody in this world and what we need to do to help.

BrandonSh said...

I think the Poly Squad should focus on getting teenagers aware and involved with politics and the community. I see so many people who don't have any idea how the country the live in works and I think this group has a really great opportunity to inform teenagers around the area.

I also think getting involved with charities and fund raising is a great idea. We can definatly affect many communities in positive ways if we're organized.

That being said, I think that if we get the school involved with donations we could easily fill up a semi. I like the soda idea, because I think if students get something in return they are far more likely to give to a charity.

Megan B said...

Just to give everyone the update on what I have gotten done so far, I have arranged to get the table in the cafeteria, I am work on the poster now, and I have a schedule for who can collect at lunches and before and after school. If all members could sign up or commit, for some times on the schedule that would be great. If you want to just post commitments to a time to this blog I will add you to the schedule.

Since I have no idea how to attach an Excel spread sheet to this I'll describe the schedule. Before school Lisa has said that she could come in every other day. So far we have no one signed up for the lunches 4A or 4B. For 5A Brandon G and I are signed up. For 5B Kerry said that she can be at the table. For 5C, based on what was said at the meeting, the schedule has Tonilee, Mike and Trevor with question marks. Finally after school, I have Kerry, Brandon S., and myself on the schedule.

I will print out a few copies of the plan, and if it is alright with Mr. Bretzmann, post them in his room.

Hopefully all of you are also having success in carring out your part of the plan.