Sunday, February 25, 2007

What progress have you made for the Recovery Project and/or what's your plan for this week?


Megan B said...

I just posted this under the last question, but will also post it under this question so that more people will read it...

Just to give everyone the update on what I have gotten done so far, I have arranged to get the table in the cafeteria, I am work on the poster now, and I have a schedule for who can collect at lunches and before and after school. If all members could sign up or commit, for some times on the schedule that would be great. If you want to just post commitments to a time to this blog I will add you to the schedule.

Since I have no idea how to attach an Excel spread sheet to this I'll describe the schedule. Before school Lisa has said that she could come in every other day. So far we have no one signed up for the lunches 4A or 4B. For 5A Brandon G and I are signed up. For 5B Kerry said that she can be at the table. For 5C, based on what was said at the meeting, the schedule has Tonilee, Mike and Trevor with question marks. Finally after school, I have Kerry, Brandon S., and myself on the schedule.

I will print out a few copies of the plan, and if it is alright with Mr. Bretzmann, post them in his room.

Hopefully all of you are also having success in carring out your part of the plan.

BrandonSh said...

I talked to Josh Moody, my friend who works at the school store, and he said he would talk to Mrs. Martin about what they could do to help us out. He hasn't gotten back to me yet, probably because it's the weekend and he hasn't seen her, but I'll either talk to him tonight or tomorrow afternoon and find out if they are willing to do some sort of incentive, or just donate an item that doesn't sell.

Mr. Bretzmann said...

You can post whatever you need to in my classroom. No problem. (I've tried, and I don't think you can attach anything to this blog.)

MikeM said...

I can man the tables during 5C lunch and will be able to work a few days after school. I can talk a bunch of teachers to try to get our posters on their bulletin boards. Also I can come to school next Monday morning to put posters on the walls. If Megan would bring in the spread sheet on Monday I sure we wouldn't have trouble filling it up.

tonileep said...

I plan to hand out flyers to teachers so students will be able to see it in their classrooms. Since I do have 5c lunch, I can manage the table with Mike or Trevor. If there isn't enough people after school I could help but I only can on Tuesdays. I also could come in Monday morning when we don't have school and help put posters up. If anyone needs help contacting people, working on flyers or anything else, I will gladly help. Just let me know.

BrandonK1 said...

I've already talked to my boy scout troop, and spread the word to other boy scout and girl scout troops in the area. All of them are interested in getting involved. Some of the scouts are even interested in going door to door and asking for donations to pick up later. This would be a great way to get the community involved. Either way as soon as I get to them with more information, they are all planning on helping the cause.

Mr. Bretzmann said...

I think if the scouts went door to door that it would really increase the amount of donations. They may find 10 people who can't help, but they may find the 11th person has a huge pile of "fill in the blank" that they are excited to donate. I hope they can get this organized and operational in less than a week because I think it will expand the number of people who know about it.

trevorhguy said...

Kim and I typed up the article for the NOW. I am trying to contact them now. So, hopefully we will have something in this thursdays issue.

Mr. Bretzmann said...

Let's use this updated version of the press release:

Muskego Students Work for Hurricane Relief Efforts
with Other High School Students

For more information contact: Mr. Jason Bretzmann, Trevor H, or Kim K

262-679-2300 X4250

The Muskego High School AP Government and Politics class and the POLY (Politics of Local Youth) Squad, a political science club, is organizing a collection drive to benefit victims of Hurricane Katrina.

At least 1,836 people lost their lives in Hurricane Katrina and the floods in the aftermath. Approximately $81.2 billion of damage occurred as a result of the hurricane in 2005. Much of the affected area is still in disarray. As a result, many people there are still deprived of items that people in the Muskego community take for granted.

For this reason, there will be a collection drive at Muskego High School from March 6 through March 9, and the Muskego students are asking for the support of the community to help collect school supplies, books, clothing, and formal dresses. All donated items will be shipped directly to New Orleans.

Collection times are from 7:00 to 7:20 a.m., during school lunches, and from 2:30 to 3:00 at the high school.

The Muskego High School students are working in partnership with Kenosha Tremper on the New Orleans Recovery Project. Schneider Trucking has donated a semi to take all the items that are collected to new Orleans. The semi leaves March 10 from Kenosha.

The POLY Squad would be very appreciative of any items community members are willing to donate. For more information go to the Kenosha Tremper Recovery Project website: or contact Mr. Jason Bretzmann, Trevor Hein, or Kim Kamer at or 262-679-2300 X4250


justinbel said...

I talked with Michaud and he'll give it to the english department whenever we'd like

KimK said...

Well, as Trevor said, we typed an article for the NOW. I also made a flyer to hang up around school and wrote the information for the 1/4 sheets of paper to hand out during lunches. If anyone wants to add/change anything I'll bring them tomorrow.

KerryW said...

If somebody needs help with somethingtell me, because Idon't think I was assigned anything before I left except for manning the tableat lunch and after school. If anybody thinks of anything, please let me know.

Jahir D said...

Well... i feel extremely left out. I was not able to attend the thursday meeting because of something that came up (girlfriends psycho mother had one of her bi-polar mood swings and wanted her home immediately after school, and i had to drive her). In addition to that i had to leave early on friday because i was goin out of town. Because of that, i have not made any progress on my non-existant role in the Recovery Project. I would, however, enjoy helping out and welcome any task that needs to be done. I look forward to lending my expertise to this benevolent endeavor, but until then, i bid you all adieu. *bows in parting*

KimK said...

Here's announcement #1:

NEW Orleans still NEEDS YOUR HELP!
Over a year after Hurricane Katrina, almost half the people of New Orleans still don’t have electricity.
• Books
• School Supplies
• Clothes
• Formal Dresses
• Before School
• After School
• During Lunches
*Sponsored by: A.P. Government and Politics and the POLY Squad*

brandong said...

I am sorry I couldn't make the meeting today, but I went into Target and asked if they would be able to donate anything to our cause. I did not get to talk to John, who is the store manager, but I was told that he will be in when I go to work on Sat.

I was also told that if we did want some donations from Target that we would need to write a letter and have it signed by the head of our group (Mr. Bretzman). Also, the letter needs to have our school letterhead on it.

BrandonSh said...

I have some bad news about the school store. Due to their financial situation, they aren't in a position to donate anything. I'm still waiting on word about them doing some sort of incentive, like a soda or some candy to those who donate, and hopefully I will know before Tuesday. But for now, plan on no help from the school store.

Dain said...

I was unable to attend the POLY squad meeting, so I have absolutely no idea whats going on.

tonileep said...

I was also unable to attend the poly squad meeting and I apologize for that. However, I receivied postive feedback from people about the speaker.I think he was very effective and people learned a lot and gained more knowledge about the tragic event. I think people are willing to donate more after hearing him speak. I hope this next week we receive a lot of donations so we can help victims.

Megan B said...

To keep this short (for me), I finished the portion of the plan that I was assigned last week, we should have a table when we arrive on Tuesday. Also on Thursday night Lisa and I made T-shirts for ourselves to wear while collecting items. You all will get to see our wonderful artistic ablities on Tuesday.

KimK said...

Announcement #2 for this week:

New Orleans is still recuperating after the $81 billion worth of damage from Hurricane Katrina.
School Supplies
Formal Dresses
NOW, MARCH 6-8 in cafeteria
Before School
After School
During Lunches
*Sponsored by: A.P. Government and Politics and the POLY Squad*

KimK said...

Here's the third and final announcement . . .
We collected over 84 boxes of books, clothes, school supplies,
and over 158 formal dresses for New Orleans in the drive last week.
Looks like New Orleans will have PROM afterall!
Thanks to all who donated & congratulations on the huge success.
*Sponsored by: A.P. Government and Politics and the POLY Squad*