Monday, June 24, 2013

6. Explain the five political games people play. Give an example.


Zeke Baker said...

1) Horse Trading--Two groups going back and forth trying to find a middle ground, such as a parent allowing a child to stay overnight at a friends house if they perform a chore the next day.
2) Walkout--One party refusing to participate in activities to produce error in a society, so the other party is more willing to cooperate, such as teachers not teaching in protest of union reforms.
3) Power Struggle--Outsmarting the other opponent and defeating them through logic, such as a lawyer using the law to help a defendant.
4) Demolition Derby--Taking out the opponent or rendering them incapacitated in relation to being able to go against one self, such as in wars.
5) Civil Disobedience--Purposefully breaking laws that you see to be unfair, but in a peaceful manner, as a protest, like all of the occupy movements that have been going on in the past couple of years.

Donald Carpenter said...

1. Horse Trading- Two parties with different goals negotiate and compromise to find a middle ground acceptable to both groups. An example of this is in our constitution with the establishment of the House of Representatives and the Senate to compromise between the large states and the small states.
2. Walkout- Instead of negotiating, a group leaves the circumstances entirely to highlight that without them, the system cannot function. An example is when the New York and Chicago retail and fast food workers left their jobs to protest low wages this past year.
3. Power Struggle- When two parties with very different goals try to outmaneuver each other to accomplish their goal. An example of this is in the fight over act 10 a few years ago in Wisconsin when 14 Democrats tried to block a bill by leaving the state, and the republicans used legislative maneuvers to pass it anyway.
4. Demolition Derby- When one group or person tries to take out all of the opposition in order to get what they want. A version of this in our country can be seen in primary races, where all of the candidates try to be the last one standing to be in the general election.
5. Civil Disobedience- When a groups breaks the rules on purpose to show inequality in a system and shame their opponents, this is usually done peacefully. The biggest example of this in our country was the civil rights movement in the 1950’s and 60’s. MLK Jr. and others led sit-ins and marches to highlight racial inequalities in the country.

Keely Smith said...

Horse trading-winning by giving to get. Example: a restaurant owner exchanges a month of free dinners for a month of free television commercials.
Walkout-winning by refusing to play. Example: a labor strike.
Power struggle-being smarter and stronger than the opposition. Example: the man who is stronger and smarter will win every time.
Demolition derby-winning by wiping out the opposition. Example: the racecar driver made the other cars crash so that he would win the race.
Civil disobedience-winning by shaming the opposition. Example: Gandhi protested against the British empire.

Keely Smith