Sunday, January 13, 2013

Remember: 1. Send yourself an e-mail about your goals and 2. Send yourself and e-mail about last week's vocabulary.

You can use to send yourself an e-mail at least 30 days in the future.  

1. Think back to what you wrote about for your self-assessment, or what we talked about in class recently about setting goals for yourself and your learning.  What do you want to be doing with your learning?  How hard do you want to be working? Ask yourself if you are thinking every day at a high level.  Ask yourself if you are thinking critically and constructively.  Are you connecting the learning objectives to other chapters, vocabulary terms, and recent news?  Are you bringing it every day?

2. Take last week's vocabulary list and ask yourself a month from now if you know the meaning of the terms.  If you don't know them in a month, you haven't learned them.  You need to change your process so you can learn them.  Give yourself this test and see if you can pass it.  Make connections to something you already know, to ideas in a book, to recent news, to the examples you give.  This will help you learn!

Have fun!

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