Monday, May 28, 2012

See below for some directions for your current project choices.


Mr. Bretzmann said...

The content is only about 7 minutes. I don't know how the second video got on there (it tells how to use the program that I used). Oh well, we're all learning...

Chris DeWinter said...

Great directions on what we need to do for our projects.

Big Al said...

I think this raises more questions that it answers.
`1. Do we have to do both projects?
2. Is there time limits?
3. For the issues add does it have to be vocab thick, and about government and politics, or could we do something on a topic such as aids?
4. Does the candidate we campaign for have to be an actual candidate?
5. Does it have to be placed online?
6. When is this, or these projects due?
7. Is there a maximum number of members in a group?
8. What will the grading matrix include on it?

ANichols said...

I'm actually exicted to do this project because it gives us a good review and something fun to do for our final project. To be honest I think that me, Paul, Tony, and Joey will knock this project out of the park. We will not settle to be average, and we will not listen to the radio station. Dream big!!

Sfrasher said...

This gave my group and I an awesome idea on how to approach this project. This was an easy step by step approach that was really interesting. Thanks!