Friday, September 09, 2011

Who has political power?


Sfrasher said...

An example of an individual who exhibits power in politics is House of Representatives speaker, John Boehner.

John Boehner used his political power to focus on our nation’s children. By overseeing the Education and Labor Committee back in 2002, he created the No Child Left Behind Act. The No Child Left Behind Act was a bipartisan compromise which mandated the testing of children in grades 3-8 and provided tutoring for children in failing schools.

On January 5, 2011 John Boehner became the 61st speaker of the House. By being speaker of the House, Boehner uses power on a daily basis; and is also entitled to many powers:

Power #1: Boehner controls power over the legislative process by setting the House legislative calendar which determines when bills will be debated and voted on.

Power #2: Boehner uses power to make sure bills supported by the majority party are passed by the House.

jblommel said...

A person who has power is Wisconsin State Governor Scott Walker.

Walker uses his political power to help run the Wisconsin State Government more smoothly and to help make a Wisconsin a better place to live and work. One way in which Governor Walker has attempted to make Wisconsin a better place is by getting a concealed carry bill passed through the state legislature, allowing private citizens with permits to carry concealed weapons for personal protection.

Another way that Governor Walker has used his power is to create a balanced budget for the state government, making sure that we follow the established laws and that we do not go into debt.

npaape said...

A powerful political leader in the U.S. would be CNN number one Nightly News Anchor Anderson Cooper.

Broadcasting to millions,Cooper has covered all important news stories around the world one including Hurrican Katrina. He also has covered both democratic and republican national conventions as well as political debates.

Cooper informs Americans about important government issues through CNN television channel and YouTube.His next step is a talkshow which will appear in fall covering major political events and issues.

Kelly M said...

An example of a person who has political power in America is President Barack Obama.

The Presedent of the United States is expected to fulfill duties and has many roles while being president. Some of these roles include being an inspiring example for the American people,deciding how laws should be enforced, urging congress to pass new laws or veto bills that they dislike, and helping members of their political party or members who have supported their policies get elected or appointed to office.

On May 26, 2011, Obama signed a four year extension on the USA PATRIOT Act, which was originally signed by President Geroge W. Bush in 2001. This is an example of how President Barack Obama has political power in America because by signing an extension of the bill, terrorism attempts are being closely watched and America is becomming a stonger country.

RPochowski said...

Politics is full of many individuals who display a sense of power. An example of which is Wisconsin Senator Paul Ryan.

Pual Ryan is the chairman of the house budget committee. This position allows paul to have a legislative oversite on the federal budget process. He can have a direct influence on the presidents decisions about the budget plan. Paul is also a Senior Member of the House Ways and Means Committee, giving him jurisdiciton over tax policy, Social Security, health care and trade laws.

Paul Ryan can use this power to introduce new budget plans and potentially completely change the budget plan for the fiscal year of 2012

PaulHurlbut said...

Someone that I believe has power would be Scott Walker. He is the governor of our great state and with that position, he can do a lot.
He has used his power to crush public unions and get rid of collective bargaining rights in order to help balance the state's budget.
Walker has also used his power to decline large amounts of government stimulus funds being used to build a high-speed rail. The rail project would have created a great number of jobs and also reduce Wisconsin's dependency on fossil fuels.

jryan said...

An individual in society who has power would be Oprah Winfrey.

Oprah uses her social credibility on her network "The Oprah Network" and on her past talk show "The Oprah Show" to influence her many viewers on how she thought of the world's many issues such as politics, poverty, and other social affairs.

One example of her high influence is when she invites celebrity guests and authors including Tom Cruise and Maya Angelo which adds to the viewer's entertainment.

She has even gone to the federal government when she had former president Bill Clinton to sign the "Oprah Bill" into law in 1993 which created a national database of convicted child abusers to help keep the children of society safe and secure.

awichgers said...

A person who has political power in the US is the Wisconsin governor, Scott Walker.

Scott Walker uses his political power to influence and enforce new laws and government plans. He is the primary leader of the state of Wisconsin and has the power to, with enough support, make changes to the Wisconsin government system.

The riot that broke out due to Walker's new Budget Repair Bill is a testament to Governor Walker's political power. The Budget Repair Bill is an attempt to balance the Wisconsin budget. Because this bill directly affects state employees, government workers protested and went as far as standing in front of Scott Walker's home in Wauwatosa, while he was in Madison, in large protest groups to express their view of the bill. This huge response shows how the changes that he is making to the government have huge effects on Wisconsin citizens. The ability to make changes as these is only possible with political power.

Jwolf said...

An example of a person with political power is incumbent president, Barack Obama.

On March 23, 2010 Barack Obama signed a Health Care Reform Bill into law. This bill allowed people to keep their insurance when they changed or left jobs. The bill also made it illegal for insurance companies to deny clients due to pre-existing medical conditions.

On April 8, 2010 Barack Obama signed the New START treaty with Russian president, Dmitry Medvedev. This treaty reduced nuclear missile launchers by half. The treaty hopes to bring the United States and Russia closer in missile defense.

KKotecki said...

I believe that the media, such as Bill O'Reilly and Rachel Maddow, has the most power in our country. Although I do believe that politicians have a great amount of power, they would not get elected into office without the approval of the people. As an example, recently there has been a number of recall elections because the people did not agree with the way that the politicians were doing their job. Politicians do have the opportunity to do things that not everyone would have the chance of doing, like voting on certain bills that could give them more power, but they are there to represent the people.

However, the media reports news to the people and sometimes they tend to be biased toward the liberal or conservative point of view, such as Fox News or MSNBC. Sometimes what they do report or choose not to report does not give the listener all the facts of the full story. Ultimately, the stations have the choice to leave out whatever part of the particular story they want so the news favors or does not favor a particular person. For example a conservative news station might emphasize something wrong that President Obama did, while a liberal station might choose to not report it. Another example of this would be when Scott Walker took away bargaining rights. The liberal networks were saying how unfair it was for teachers and how their life would be massively impacted while the conservative networks were praising him for trying to fix the state's budget. Most people get their information from what the media says and form their opinions from that information. Generally most news stations try to be as unbiased as they can but sometimes the news comes across a certain way whether we realize it or not.

ANichols said...

In my opinion, I belive that Barack Obama has the most power in the United States of America.

First and far most, he has an incredible amount of power because on September 24, 2009 he was elected President of the United States. My point is, if he was elected to lead our country, he obviously has political power and the US citizens wanted him to have power.

Next, I believe that Barack Obama has power because he is the Commander in Cheif of the US Army. In order to hold this postion one must have power because of all the important decisions that they make. For example, they may do many different things from deciding to go to war, or planning a strategic battle.

Finally, Barack Obama has the power to veto any bill that he wants to. If you ask me, that is alot of power. For example, once a bill gets passed by the council and legislation, no matter how badly people want the law passed, it can still be put to rest by one single person. The President of the United States, Barack Obama.

In conclusion, that is why I belive Barack Obama has power.

aschulist said...

A person in America who holds a substantial amount of political power is Sarah Palin. Although she does not currently hold an official political position,she has a great deal of influence on many American people.
Sarah Palin was Alaska's first female governor, but she caught the attention of the rest of the nation when was the first female to run for vice president. That, along with her "hockey mom" image and lifestyle attracted many people to the presidential race who may not have paid attention otherwise. Even if she got them interested and they ended up supporting her oppenents, she still had the power to influence them by getting them into politics at all.
Another way that she holds exhibits political power is through her books. She has written two so far, and both have already gotten the title of New York Times Bestseller. Many people read these books, see her reasoning behind her political opinions, and then they to have those opinions. They have also allowed her to form more personal relationships with her fans, which will likely help her in future elections.

MBoster said...

I believe someone who has a great amount of political power is Representative Paul Ryan.

First, Congressman Ryan is the House Budget Committee Chairman. He is responsible for the way the House of Representatives spends its funds.

Second, Paul Ryan has kept close connections at home in the first congressional district of Wisconsin. This has gotten him re-elected 6 times since 1999. He has gained the respect of his constituets at home as well as a majority of his colleagues on capitol hill.

Finally, a great majority of people have called for Congressman Ryan to run for president in the upcoming election. He does not seem to have to much interest in the 2012 election, but many believe he will be the front runner for 2016. Not every member of congress is called on to be a presidential candidate. That proves the political power that Congressman Ryan holds.

J.Mason said...

House speaker John Boehner has a great deal of political power. I believe this beacuse he can allow President Obama to give a speech or not, like on September 8th, 2011 when President Obama addressed the nation, originaly he wanted to give the speech the day before, but Boehner declined him because he feared it would cause problems with the debate, so Boehner told the President that he could speak the next day. John Boehner can control when President Obama can or cannot address the nation or speak to congress. Also Boehner has many people who follow what he has to say and are on his side on the things he says, which can be bad for the President. On the topic of the Jobs act, Boehner shot down what the President proposed and wanted to do. I believe many people will follow Boehner's beliefs and this is why John Boehner has political power.

pliberski said...

A person who has politcal power is John Boehner, the speaker of the house.

One power Boehner has exercised is attempting to cut taxes and create jobs. One method is his “no-cost jobs plan,” and a plan to immediately cut $1.3 trillion in government spending.

A second power is securing retirement security. Boehner led an effort in the House Education and the Workforce Committee to modernize the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, which is a federal law governing employee pension and benefit plans. He authored the Pension Protection Act, which passed with strong bipartisan support in the U.S. House and was signed into law by President Bush.

Jbandoszeski said...

A person that I believe has political power would be our Wisconsin State Governor Scott Walker.

Scott Walker is the great elected leader of our state which gives him the right to do a lot of things. For example one of the big things that Walker has done has been seen as a bad thing to many people. He rejected bargaining rights to the biggest union in the state. Walker said "Doesn't work and the reason, having been a local government official, is we've got 72 counties, 424 school districts, over a thousand municipalities. And like every other state, or nearly every other state across the country, our budget is going to have cuts in aids to local governments."

So basically what he is saying is that he wanted to cut the budgets to the schools and take away their bargaining rights. To some people this is good because it gives our state more money but to many this is a bad thing and we shouldn't take money out of our education and the pockets of educators. This affected a lot of teachers around the state because as you know there was the big controversy in Madison when many of the teachers protested against Scott Walker and the budget cut proposals.

THaase said...

Our govener, Scott Walker, displayed he has political power when he attracted thousands of protesters not only from
Wisconsin but from accross the United States. As he eliminated collective barganing and crushed public unions, he was the main story on the national news and he also caused similar actions to be made or attempted in other states. Not only does he have power in Wisconsin but he is a political power in the US.

TPassow said...

Someone I believe who has political power in the United States is Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. She lead bipartisan efforts to reduce the teen pregnancy rate,she improved the adoption and foster care systems,and provided health care to millions of children through the Children's Health Insurance Program. She also traveled to 80 countries around the world, to represent the United States.In the Senate, she served on the Armed Services Committee, the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, the Environment and Public Works Committee, and the Budget Committee. After the terrorist attacks of 9/11/2001, she was a strong advocate for funding the rebuilding of New York and the health concerns of the first responders who risked their lives working at Ground Zero. She also ran to try and be he first woman president of the United States, although she lost she still shows her political influence to this day.

bhlava said...

an example of someone who has political power is President Barack Obama.

example 1) last June President Obama passed the Dream Act, which allows amnesty to any illegal alien in the U.S. as long as they agree to join the military or go to college, by executive order. Even though the bill was denied twice in Congress, he snuck it through as an ICE memo

example 2)December 17, 2010 President Obama signed a bill that would extend the Bush tax-cuts for two more years

Asalo said...

The person who I think has political power in America is the President Barack Obama.

The President of the United States is also the Commander in Chief of the army. That to me shows a lot of power by itself. The president also has the power to veto bills that get passed through congress. That also shows that he has political power, even though his veto could be overridden.

Finally, and perhaps the biggest reason, he got elected as the president of the United States of America. That shows that people voted for him to have political power.

jboyle said...

A person who has political power is Wisconsin congressmen Paul Ryan.

I would say that Paul Ryan has political power because he is the chairmen of the house budget committee.Having this position he is able to have a say in how the president plans his budget. One way that he has used his political power is that he introduced "A Road Map for Americas Future". This is a proposal on how to tackle the crisis in health care,(medicare, medicaid) social security,and taxes.

Another way that Paul Ryan has used political power is when he proposed to lower taxes for individuals and businesses.

aspone said...

One person who has political power is former Alaskan governor, Sarah Palin.

Today, Sarah Palin does not hold a public office, but she still has political power. Through her relateable personality as an average American putting her family first, Sarah Palin is able to spark political interest in the American people. Sarah Palin gives speeches at Tea Party Conventions as well as Republican Conventions and provides political commentary through social media and Fox News. By doing so, she is able to give her supporters a voice that is able to capture the attention of the country. She is able to express their needs, and with her reputation and political status it can be heard by leaders in the White House.

Chris DeWinter said...

An individual who has political power is John Boehner Speaker of the House.

John Boehner showed political power when he informed President Obama that he could not have his jobs speech on Sept 7, 2011. The reason the Presidents speech could not be given that night was because congress was out of session. So there was not enough time to get the necessary votes needed to have a joint session of congress.

Some people believe Boehner did this because of the republican debate was on the same date and time.

APrichard said...

A political official who exhibits power is Eric H. Hoolder Jr. the United States Attorney General.

The Attorney General to begin is the head of the Department of Justice and Cheif law enforcement officer in the Federal Governement. His first use of political power was to name the interrogation technique (by the Bush Administration) waterboarding as a form of torture and was confirmed February 2nd, 2009 by a 75-21 vote.

Another execution of political power by Eric H. Holder Jr. was his enforcemant on the illegality of Marijuana across the United States. As proposition 19 was to be voted on in California to legalise the drug in the state, but it would remain illegal as it illegal in our country.

Eric H Holder Jr.'s first example shows that he has power as he expressed his concerns of waterboarding as torture and passed the bill through congress to make it torture. His second executioin shows he has power because even though the state may pass proposition 19 to legalize marijuana the law of our nation stands as it illegal, then showing Holder's power over individual states.

Adam Joerres said...

An example of somebody who exhibits political power would be Barack Obama.

President Obama used his political power to get the Health Care Reform Bill signed into law. The Health Care Reform Bill was a big step in insuring people will have health care no matter what their preexisting conditions may be. It also helps to insure one does not lose their insurance when switching jobs or becoming laid off.

He has also used his power to introduce a new bill, the American Jobs Act. This bill would promote company and business growth, allowing for more individuals to be hired due to more tax breaks for companies who hire. It would make more jobs improving roads, bridges, highways, and schools around the nation, but more importantly it will get people back to work.

sli said...

I would say that Barack Obama has the most power in U.S.A. he has the power to receive other foreign heads of state as the head of state.And he also has broad powers to manage national affairs and the workings of the federal government.What's more, he can also appoints his own staff, like advisers and assistants. There are more powers that Obama has but i haven't discussed above. So i would say that Barack Obama is one who has political powers.

skerns said...

One example of someone who uses power in politics every day is the president of the United States President Obama.

President Obama used his power from being a senator of Illinois to help him in his campaign race to become president. Convinced many people that it was the time to change and that he would lead them through that change.

Now as president Obama has alot of political power he can veto a bill, if he disagrees and he is able to persuade congress to do what he feels is right for the nation.

Bmurph said...

Someone who displays political power would be the president of the united states, Barack Obama.

President Obama was elected into office. People voted for him and that is why he is the president. He had the power to get people to vote for him.

The president has the power to veto a law, or pass it. He also has the power to appoint ambassadors, members of the Cabinet, Justices of the Supreme Court and Judges of the lower Federal Courts.

The president of the United States is the commander-in-chief of the armed forces, and can declare war.

That is why I believe the President has political power

M. Francis said...

Bill O'Reilly has a lot of political power. He has been NO. 1 in the tv ratings for.... well since they invented cable tv.

Oh, and did you see him on 'The View?' Well, probably not live because nobody does, but that was hilarious.

Anyway, here are the most powerful people in U.S. politics at this point in time:

10. Scott Walker
9. George W. Bush
8. George Washington
7. Speaker Boehner
6. Jimmy McMillan
5. Barack Obama
4. Barack Obama's Staff
3. China
2. "The Onion"
1. O'Reilly/ the media

Jegan said...

John Boehner is one of the influential people in politics at this time giving him great political power. A power he has recently exhibited in the past weeks when the president ask for a special session of congress on the same night of a Republican Presidential debate. This show Boehners power along with his power as the speaker of the house which he exhibits on a more frequent basis like how he is currently trying to repeal Obama care with most republicans

Big Al said...

An example of a person whom has political power is Bono from the legendary band U2.

Bono used his power to impose a method of schooling in new hampshire. He is trying to have classrooms become more knowledgable on Africa. He is trying to integrate classrooms too.

Bono made a proposal on June 10th to washington d.c. representatives. The proposal led to new hampshire trying to use the system. It raised the taxes in New Hampshire and upset many. The peoples main complaint was that bono was being hypocritical because he moved from ireland to south france because of an irish taxes increase. Never the less Bono is currently trying to incorprate the intergation and african informing system throughout the nation.

This demonstrates his political power because he was able to get the state government of New Hampshire to try the new schooling method and raise the state taxes. Since the school system is apart of the government and government is apart of politics he is using power in politics to change the school systems

JakobL said...

An example for politacal power is the president Barack Obama. He is the head of the executive branch and has therefor a lot of power. If laws are passed by the Congress he can veto them. He can influnce some Congress members only with his authority as a president. He also represents the country in all intern and foreign affairs.

Garrett LeGros said...

in my opinion the legislative branch has political power. this is because the legislative branch is the voice of the people of the united states. some of powers include the 2/3 vote to overturn a presidential veto on a bill.

abigail wallace said...

Obama has political power. He is able to make decisions for the country, make suggestions to other members of political parties and provide for his people.