Sunday, June 06, 2010

If it's Tuesday, it's election day somewhere in the U.S.

U.S. Senate runoff in Arkansas
Blanche Lincoln is hoping to avoid becoming the third sitting senator to lose an intraparty fight this year, but even her closest allies acknowledge that her Democratic runoff race against Lt. Gov. Bill Halter is a tossup.

Three weeks ago, Lincoln got 44.5 percent of the vote to Halter's 42.5 percent in the Democratic primary. A third candidate in that race, conservative D.C. Morrison, won 13 percent, forcing Lincoln and Halter into Tuesday's runoff.

Much like the primary, the runoff has pitted Lincoln and her supporters within the Democratic establishment -- former president Bill Clinton has campaigned for her and she has been endorsed by President Obama -- against organized labor, which has dumped millions of dollars into ads and voter identification programs on Halter's behalf.


Mr. Bretzmann said...

By the way, it's the anniversary of D-Day.

PMiner said...

yes it is, my thoughts go out to all world war two veterans and their families.

Mr. Bretzmann, youre going to loooooove my tshirt its is freaking hilarious. ill bring it in tmrw for 3rd hour.

Elections are important, campaigns are dirty, Lee Atwater is my hero

thank you and goodnight

I love Cleveland

aprichard said...

Paul, you good student. The T-shirt assignment was canceled and you still did it. Now isn't that the respectable epitome of a student we should all be looking up to. Also, I did not know you were so fond of Cleveland. Is he the Bowers to your Hardwick? or do you mean the city?

Just messing Paul.

In regards to the article, in which there is not question to be commenting on... The statement about Lincoln was rather confusing, (last paragraph). I was confused that as a Democrat, she was against organized labor]? Correct me if I am wrong, but that seems to be what that sentence is saying. Further more, she is supported by Bill Clinton and Barack Obama? How does that work? A democrat against unions? That does not seem very linear to me, but then again... Doesn't matter.

Since this is the last blog post ever, I doubt any of these things will be addressed. So nevermind.

JakeK said...

What happens when Lee Atwater, Karl Rove, and Chuck Norris are in the same room?

No one knows. That meeting is too awesome to comprehend.

jmarczewski said...

Jake, how irrelevant.

Paul, your nose looks a little brown.

Prichard, very funny.

Mr. Bretzmann...yeah...

I think the real candidate that we should all be concentrating on here is D.C. Morrison. Why would you not vote for a candidate with the name DC? It's like benching a baseball player with the name Homer!

Elections cost money. That can be a pro or a con. I guess it could be spun so that the money is said to "spark the economy," but I tend to lean in the direction that it's just a waste of valuable money that the state and party could spend in many other productive ways.

Now I'm sad. My last blog post and I'm saying politics is a waste of money. I've learned nothing. So now I have to leave with something memorable and symbolic of our great adventure...

I <3 Carl Azuz.