Sunday, April 25, 2010

Stop blogging! Go study!


klatour said...

If only there were a "like" button on this website :)

Famigliettim said...

like *click* that was fantastic. but how do you study?... do you just read? or do you do other things. cuz i heard to study really well u have ur cell phone out and you go on facebook at the same time. you become very least thats what i've heard

MKlinka said...

does this count for a blog post?

also 12 hours

ayork said...

My family decided to watch that old historian's favorite, National Treasure, to get me pumped up for the test tomorrow.

At least they tried...

Good luck tomorrow everyone!!

11 hours

Mr. Bretzmann said...

Do your best on the test!

Famigliettim said...

well now that the Ap exam is over, we can now blog again. we are also free from all of that studying. i now have free time to watch political tv such as the fine progams on msnbc, cnn, and my favorite* foxnews. i also have recently started watching the boondocks which is a very funny and somehow decently political program on adultswim.
it is about a 10 year old black boy named huey freeman and his family of his 8 year old brother riley and his grandfather who is said to be between 80 and 120 years old in one of the newer episodes. huey is so far left that it makes papraki look like the leader of the GOP, he is also labled as a domestic terrorist for his extreme political actions. riley is the stereotype black. and their grandfather claims to have been the architect of the bus riots and was on the same bus as Rosa Parks that faithful day, but received no credit for the incident.
each episode deals with political topics such as blacks rights (equality), the 2008 election, and the obesity epidemic. the blacks rights dealt with dr. king not dying after he was shot; but instead, going into a coma for 30 years and awakening to discover he is an icon and becomes disapointed in how blacks are acting in society, essentially telling them what he fought for was "that little black boys and little black girls could drink from the river of prosperity," not be as he said know what word.
the show has even caused controversy in itself. having dr. king saying "the worst word in the English language," and by having a hardcore conservative african american who is in support of Jim Crow laws. quite obviously this is not a show for kids. this man fights for white power and is the complete opposite of huey.
the show has its good share of laughs in the episode "It's a Black President, Huey Freeman" a german documentary is made about the characters showing how blacks are reacting to the compaign of Barack Obama. the funny parts are featuring feaux rapper "thugnificent" who is the stereotypical uneducated rapper who is always very opinionated, doesn't even know a black man is running for president. he then decides to become more politically savvy and "claims to be a black leader. later in the episode he is asked what the three branches of government are. he doesn't know and a man then says to him "you being a black leader makes me happy to be a white man"
the show is edgy, graphic, and entertaining, many people might not understand its humor or wonder how some find it entertaining, but who knows, everyone is different.