Saturday, December 19, 2009

Analysis: Now that there are 60 for the next big cloture vote, who won? Reid, Obama, Health Insurance Industry, Republicans, Nelson, Lieberman, Pelosi


aprichard said...

Some how I am failing to see a decisive winner in all of this... Senator Majority Leader Henry Reid was able to push through the health care bill by recruiting Nelson. We are aware that he sought to keep abortion apart of the bill, and that was successful. I suppose that would be a win for Reid that he proprieted for it but got the 60 for the cloture vote. Americans are entirely hung up on this issue. Health care is supposed to help people, not provent them from accessing clinics. Obama was pro-Health care, and if you go to, you will be able to see a very summarized version of what the bill actually is. This helped me. But careful on the web address, you don't want anything "flopping" on your screen. Since Obama is a part of the party that is appearing to be more successful in this bill, it appears a win for him as well. The health care industry is at limbo with itself. It will be against the law for insurance companies to drop coverage when you are sick or can't be blocked from having insurance due to a pre-existing condition. There will be caps on how much the insurance can charge. However, if everyone needs mandatory health care,they may have an increase in those who buy their insurance. Yet they could lose too. It seems a loss for the health care monopoly. The republicans did not want the bill, or any form of it and have been delaying work on it. Because the bill is succeeding, they appear to be losing. Nelson was just the swing voter who came to the rescue for the health care cause. It reminds me of the Andrew Johnson impeachment votes but less severe. Joe Liberman was infuriated by the health care, and said " Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) made his position on health care reform even more clear Sunday morning, saying he would rather have "nothing" than a bill with a public option". Well Joe, there is something, so it looks like he lost. As for Pelosi and her almost 2000 page plan... I think we all know what an advocate of health care she is regardless of if you like it or not. For how long her ideas have been on the table, she appears to be winning.

It appears that success can not be credited to one person, nor can defeat. Victory has a hundred fathers, but defeat is an orphan.
Author: Thomas Campbell

K-Iglinski said...

It appears to me that none of the senators or the president are the winners or losers of this debate. They all have plans from Pelosis very long bill to Obamas words that say wnat he wants to do. They have all had many heated debates and it just keeps going back and forth from one to another. They all need to sit down and try to work out their problems. Even thought they have done this many times already, they need to stop being so strong with there ways and attempt to accept some of there fellow senators ideas.

AAgostini said...

Thanks for the website.It was definitely helpful.
Simply, it appears because Obama and the Democratic party have long advocated for a health care bill they are "winning," whereas the Republican party who have opposed such a bill are "losing" as the bill progresses.However, the complexities of this bill really prevent there from being any true "winner" or "loser," and we should expect that in compromise that this would be the case. It is necessary that all sides give up something for the greater good. The Democrats will succeed because the bill has made progress, the Republicans will succeed by influencing the bill.

MKlinka said...

There is no real "winner" in this situation. You could say that since the Dems passed a bill that they won, but did they really fit everything they wanted into the bill? Probably not, especially with an issue this complex. This is one of those special compromises where no one really wins, at all, sorta like the treaty of Utrecht. Simply put, no one gets what they want.

but, speaking in more objective terms.

Obama: wins, gets a health care bill through another hurdle

Health insurance industry: tie, issue is complex and bill can change.

Reps: Loss, they influenced the bill, ummm.... hooray? history is written by the victors, which are dems.

Nelson: always wins ALL the time simply because he's the embodiment of politics.

everyone else:...

Famigliettim said...

well now that it is a few days later and the bill has officially passed the senate, i believe we are very close to POTUS Obama's goal of passing this bill by the end of the year... weeeelll that wont happen because now it has to go to a joint commitee so we are probably looking at a whole month more of waiting for the final deciscion on the bill.

Astoiber said...

I won.

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EBilton said...

As well as most of the people that already posted i think that there isn't a real winner in this subject. Although the bill passed the senate, and Obama's goal is closer to being done, but since the end of the year has passed, the health insurance industry would probably be the closest to being the winner.