Friday, January 30, 2009


Ryan K said...

First of all after watching this video my first impression is that I am glad the Illinois governor was finally removed. I firmly believe what he did was wrong and I’m glad he finally paid the consequences.

I am a little mad at how naive the French part is. The current president has adapted his economic policy to help the inexperienced graduate students and the immigrants from northern Africa. These two groups are the highest unemployed groups in France by a long shot. It makes me mad that the video gives the public opinion based on people not in these two groups. The people interviewed appear to have job security even if the economy is bad. And by the way the economy sucks everywhere now. Deal with it.

JeremyL said...

I think its fine to remove someone who has done wrong. People need to pay and learn from their mistakes or own stupidity. I wonder how long the strikes will go?

Anyway it's only 2 and a half hours til Roethlisburger takes my beloved Steelers to another title!!!

d gunderson said...

I am so happy to finally see the Illinois governor removed. He has such a big ego and has said the most idiotic things in the past week that I'm glad its over. He deserves to be removed. I'll be intersted to see his witnesses, becuase he really has no chance. There are audio tapes of him selling the senate seat, so good luck to him.

The French strikes are very interesting. I hope they work, but it's really hard to fix anything right now. Countries all over the world are in the same boat with a bad economy. Even though they are protesting I think they're really just going to have to wait.

Jenni F said...

I agree with Ryan on his opinon of the French demonstrations. Being in French class, our teacher enlightens us about demeonstrations in France and how they are not uncommon (especially with students). I believe the unempoyment rate in France is 12% and with the globabl economic crisis, it isn't going down anytime soon. Sarcozy and the government are trying to help and i'm sure the protests aren't exactly giving the country a vote of confidence.

And good luck "proving your innocence" Blagoivich.