Monday, July 16, 2007

Analysis: Do you think that Senator McCain's campaign shake-up will put his candidacy on track toward the nomination?


Alex said...

Watching Senator McCain's campain go from front runner to near the end of the pack has been especially painfull to watch for me. I have been his biggest fan from the beginning. Senator McCain started out as a front runner and has now fallen multiple places in the polls, he also has reported heavy debt, leaving him with litte cash on hand. Compared with Obama's 30 million the Senator is in a particulary sticky situation.
I believe something needed to be done within his campain advisors to help get him back on track. I believe that Senator McCain realizes his mistakes in the campain and is ready to start a new chapter. In a Quote from Fox News ;) the Senator said that he believes he will be ready in time for the primary.
Many people criticize the Senator's views on the war and immigration which has also contributed to a hit in the ratings. As much as I wish it were different I can't see the Senator being ready enough to be on track for the nomination.

Vlad said...

I do not believe Senator McCain will be on track toward the nomination. He is down to his last $2 million dollars and is losing support. This negative turn of events was due to his betrayal of his fellow R-pubs when he voted for the immigration bill. I doubt he can be the underdog who makes it through because he has little appeal to any demographic. He has lost a lot of support and respect from various groups due to his comments, like the "Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, Iran", and looked homophobic when he expressed his views on sweaters. It doesn't seem like anyone from Hollywood supports him (big shock). Giuliani seemed to be the only Republican to receive money from the celebrities.


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KellyH said...

I don't believe the changes in Senator McCain's campaign will get him back on track. It's not realistic to expect either a nomination or him gaining strength overall in the election. According to the Federal Election Commission, McCain has $3.2 million left, but is in debt $1.8 million. Even if he had money to spend on advertising and other aspects of his campaign, not many in his party will be affected by it. Republicans were turned off for good by his immigration bill, and his stance on the Iraq War is doing him no favors with his party.

Although he's strapped for cash, I would give him a chance for a comeback if he had more support from his party and if he had better relations with others in his party. Unfortunately for him, he's not the kind of man to backtrack on what he's been saying, so he'll stick to his opinions and in turn, continue to anger his party. On July 16th, he looked at legislation proposed by two of his fellow Republican senators, and dismissed it as something that "was failing miserably before" and that "will fail again"(Churchill Club). He's offending more in his party, and is ruining what little chance he has left for a nomination.

The changes in McCain's campaign alone aren't enough to save him; if he had any chance at all, he'd have to change who he is and his opinions. Because that's not going to happen, I am going to say that the shake-up in his campaign won't get him back on track.

MorganJ said...

I do not believe that McCain's campaign "shake-up" will better his chance of receiving the Republican nomination.

McCain's campaign started out strong, making him one of the front runners in the candidacy. Currently, however, McCain's likelihood of winning the Republican nomination does not look promising. He only has $2 million left of his $24 million raised in the past 6 months. Also, his staff is falling apart. Just recently he has lost his campaign manager (Terry Nelson, a member of George W. Bush’s campaign team), chief strategist, deputy manager, and political director.

In addition to the low funds and the sketchy campaign team, McCain must overcome his continual loss of supporters. McCain’s unpopular stance on the War in Iraq, as well as his Immigration Plan, is not settling well with the American people.

Despite its outstanding start, it is in my opinion that McCain’s campaign will not recover in time to win the Arizona senator the Presidential nomination.

rebeccas said...

He's nearly used all of his campaign money and if you want to run, you need money. He has very little support, which means he has no way to get more money. So he’s screwed as far as that goes.

His positions are leaving him unpopular and his poll numbers are dropping because of it. He can't even get good numbers with his own party and he’s not popular at all among democrats, how will he win the nomination or a presidential race? Also, he's older and I think America is looking for a younger more charismatic candidate. Frankly, when he speaks (although I'm sure he's intelligent) I'm just not much impressed. Nation's, in my opinion, need striking, eloquent speakers and he doesn't fit the bill.

He's digging his political grave deeper with this "shake-up". I feel he has no chance in the Republican primaries let alone the presidential race.

Jake_H said...

Senator McCain's campaign shake up will not put him back on the path toward nomination. Although he started very strong sitting at the top of the polls, he now continues to drop. Many people do not agree with his view on Iraq, to send more troops. This, along with the fact that he has almost no campaign money left is the reason that he will not be able to get back on the path to a republican nomination.

jzurko said...

I seriously doubt Senator McCain's campaign shake-up will get him nominated. Since the start of his campaign he has been slowly losing suppport. He is not raising the kind of money or widespread support he needs to get the nomination. His unpopular stances on issues like the Iraq war and immigration have put him in a bad light with the public and I doubt he'll be able to recover. The only way I see McCain winning the nomination is if scandals broke out for the other front runners in the Republican party.

MorganJ said...

I just wanted to say how surprised I am to see McCain's campaign as strong as it is. I thought for sure that by this time of the year it would have fallen apart.

Alex the Great said...

im not quite sure what exactly was going on in current events at this time but looking back i would have to say that the shake-up did not work senator mccain is not a frontrunner in the race for candidacy. i hate to say it but it really depends on how much money you have in order to become president.