Sunday, April 15, 2007

For those that are interested:

I saw this on C-SPAN this morning and went to his website to confirm it. (None of the other candidates, Republican or Democratic are in Wisconsin this coming week.)

Please join Milwaukee in Welcoming
Senator Barack Obama
To his Wisconsin Kick-Off Event
Benefiting Obama for America
April 16, 2007
Doors Open at 6:00PM
The Milwaukee Theater
500 West Kilbourn Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53203


Megan B said...

I also saw an ad for this when I was at a Marquette open house, and just as an FYI Marquette has guarenteed tickets but they call them "event passes." I would have tryed to get our class tickets, but I can go tomarrow night, I have to work, but anyway if any of you really want to go contact marquette. The flyer I got says for more info. on getting "event passes" to contact Stephanie Trifone at and if you talk to the people and tell them you are intrested in Marquette they probably will, at least they did for me, offer tickets.

P.S. Jsut a random thought after reading the flyer I got why does if say in really small print at the bottom that Obama for America does not accept donation for minor under the age of 16? (I don't think they would have the ablity to earn much money to donate anyway.)

Mr. Bretzmann said...

I believe it is illegal for anyone to accept donations from minors under 16. Otherwise it could be used as a way to bypass campaign finance laws that say that each individual adult has a limit on what he or she can contribute. My 5 grade schoolers can't contribute $2300 per kid...(at this point I don't have a source to cite for this information, nor do I actually have 5 kids.)

KerryW said...

I was wondering if any other candidates were coming to Milwaukee or near here anytime soon. If anyone knows anything, please write. I won't be able to see until I get back from Florida but the information would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!