Sunday, March 11, 2007

Opinion: What next for the Poly Squad?

1. Write a short proposal for a formal MHS club.
2. Sit around for a bit and talk politics (a la Stephanopoulous, George Will, et al.)
3. Immediately find another cause
4. Continue to work on the New Orleans cause
5. Choose several issues to educate ourselves on and then educate the (high school) public on (as it turns out this might be easy for us since we are pretty media-savvy! Journal Sentinel photo, article, Muskego article, and one TV report already!)
6. Discuss and prepare for AP exam
7. A comibination of all of these, none of these, and/or other stuff.
8. Pack stuff in boxes and then open them again to find three specific items (p.s. I have the three items, Justin)


justinbel said...

Thanks for finding the items for me. I think we should focus on starting a politics club so that future students have a chance to join and learn about government and politics. If we formed a politics club it would be easier to organize future events like the one we just finished, and we could organize more of them. I also think we should just sit around and talk politics. I think both of those could attract more people to be apart of government and politics, especially if we started a club.

tonileep said...

I agree, I think that we should start a politics club at school because it would give the opportunity to students who enjoy talking about politics and want to give their opinions and feedback. I think orgainzing the New Orleans event made me realize how much of an impact we can make on our school, we received 158 dresses, and 84 boxes in four days, I think that is amazing and we only talked about it for an hour. I think we should start thinking about how we can get POLY squad to be an actual club at Muskego and make if offical.

KerryW said...

I agree with Justin in making the politics club official so that others in the school who are interested in joining can be like'oh, there's an actual club? Cool. What time do they meet?' We should like what was suggested kind of seit around and talk politics. I think I would learn a whole lot more about all of these names that people keep throwing into their jokes and questions. I think I could finally make some sense of some people. Also, like Justin said,we can do more service projects like the drive that was justsuccessfully completed.

BrandonK1 said...

I agree with everyone on this one, that we should focus on starting up this club. If we can get POLY squad to be accepted as an actual club, we can start letting other students interested in politics join. As soon as this happens, we can start to look into other events and become involved as well. Or we could just meet after school and talk about politics too, whatever the case I think it should be top priority to make our group a club at MHS.

Megan B said...

I will briefly touch on both questions for this week. I think as a group it would be easier to do service projects if we try to achieve some sort of official status as a club or group through the school. I also think that it may be somewhat informative to sit around and talk politics, but if we just sit around and talk politics we are not promoting that everyone in the community get evolved in politics and participate in our political system, fulfilling their civic duty. Therefore, we should not keep a behind the scenes attitude; we should get out there, “keep our name in the news,” and promote the well being of the public as a whole. With spring right around the corner, it may be a good idea to team up with a local social service branch and help some elderly community members take care of their home and lawn, by doing task that may be difficult for the elderly, such as washing the windows or cleaning up the lawn and planting new flowers. It also may be beneficial to keeping our name out there to try teaming up with town leaders and cleaning up a local park for spring. Both of these would become great forums for us to study and showcase major political issues while helping others. We would be able to present differing viewpoints to keep the group as a whole non-partisan. By helping the elderly, we would be able to showcase the major political issues of health care, and how best to take care of all of the nation’s elderly, we would be able to bridge political gaps between the elderly and youth. Cleaning up local parks would give us a forum for discussing environmental issues.

MikeM said...

I agree with justin. I think we should start by becoming an official club at MHS. (Even though we did do a lot without that official stats) I think it would be easier to get more members to join and get the word out about our projects. After that I think that packing things in boxes and trying to find three specific items sounds fun.

KimK said...

I think that we should make the club more open to members outside of our class. There are a lot of other students interested in politics outside the 06-07 AP Gov class. It would be easier to accomplish our goals if we accumulated more members and interest in our club. I think Megan's idea of getting involved with the senior citizens sounds like a good idea. As it is almost April, however, we should start planning if we are going to do any more projects before the school year ends.