Saturday, January 20, 2007

Analysis: Washington D.C. Trip: date change.

$589 (unless there aren't enough people for that level, then it's more)
Leave Thursday May 17 after school
Return Sunday May 20 (late)
Bus trip, tour guide, meals, admission to attractions, lodging, our nation's capital: all included
Two hundred dollar deposit due in the next week
(I don't think I can go ($), but if you can, I highly recommend it. What an experience. If a majority of the class goes, we'll study the capital the week before departure. Personally, I like to know what I'm going to see before I see it.)
--Thanks to Dane, Ms. Yost, and AFS for changing the date to make this opportunity possible.--


Megan B said...

The dates May 17-20 would work well for me. I would be able to go, but I and my mom would like/need more information, like who needs the $200 by next week,where we would be staying, how many people to a room, what landmarks will we see, which teachers/chaperones will be comming,etc.

I would also like to thank Dane, Ms. Yost and AFS for changing the dates, so the trip would not conflict with AP testing.

Mr. Bretzmann said...

-- Leave MHS Thursday, May 17, 2007 at 4 p.m. [via motor coach]
-- Return to MHS Sunday, May 20, 2007 around 12 p.m. [via motor coach]

Although it’s only four days in length, the trip is PACKED with sightseeing and activities on Friday and Saturday. We’d arrive in D.C. Friday morning, sightsee for two days, and leave late Saturday night to be home around 12 p.m. on Sunday.

The trip’s focus is to see the popular sites in D.C. The itinerary includes the following:
-- Capitol Hill [Supreme Court, Library of Congress]
-- Ford’s Theatre and Petersen House
-- Evening Illuminations Tour of Monuments/Memorials
-- Meals at Fuddrucker’s, the Union Station, Philips Flagship, the Pentagon City Mall, etc.
-- Group picture at Grant Memorial
-- Arlington National Cemetery, Guard Change at Tomb of Unknown, Challenge Memorial
-- Iwo Jima Marine Memorial, Air Force Memorial, Jefferson/FDR Memorials
-- Alexandria Footsteps of the Past Ghost Tour
-- Group volunteer activity with the National Parks Services
-- Picture stop at the White House
-- WWII Memorial, Washington Monument
-- United States Holocaust Museum
-- Smithsonian Institution [National Air & Space Museum]
-- Einstein Statue, Lincoln, Vietnam and Korean Memorials, National Archives

The cost of the trip is all-inclusive, which means lodging at the Holiday Inn on the Hill, transportation, admission to all attractions, meals, a personal tour guide, and private security personnel at the hotel are included in the price. If we have 25+ participants, the price is $589 per person. If we have 20-24 participants, we’ll each pay $689.

As it stands now, about half of the AFS members who were originally interested have actually committed to the trip. If we don’t gain at least 8 more students, we’ll have to cancel the trip-

justinbel said...

I am sorry, but i will be unable to make this trip.

Jahir D said...

The new date for me would work well. A nice relaxation after the stress of AP exams... I would love to see all the historic sights at the nation's capital and somehow be part of it. I do think, however, and i'm sure that the rest of the class would agree, that the trip would not be nearly as exciting without jubilant enthusiasm our esteemed teacher, Mr. Bretzmann. (I'm sure you can leave "IT" at home for a few days and splurge your $$$ away in D.C.) =D.

I hope that this trip isn't cancelled and that enough people are willing to go.

Thanks awarded to AFS and all of its members for bringing us this wonderful oportunity!