Sunday, October 22, 2006

Analysis: Will the release of this verdict focus voters on security issues and impact the election? (please try to limit conspiracy theories!)

A verdict against Saddam Hussein will be announced Nov. 5
Oct 16, 10:39 AM EDT
Brother of Saddam Prosecutor Is Killed
By QASSIM ABDUL-ZAHRA Associated Press Writer

BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) -- The brother of the top prosecutor in the second trial of Saddam Hussein was shot dead in front of his wife at his home in the capital Monday, according to a key official charged insuring no former members of the Saddam regime hold positions of authority.
Imad al-Faroon died immediately after the shooting at his home in west Baghdad, Dr. Ali al-Lami, head of the government De-Baathification Committee, told The Associated Press.
Al-Faroon's brother is chief prosecutor Muqith al-Faroon, who is leading the Saddam prosecution on charges of crimes against humanity in his alleged killing of thousands of Kurds during the Iran-Iraq war.

A verdict against Saddam Hussein and seven co-defendants charged with crimes against humanity in connection with an anti-Shiite crackdown in the 1980s will be announced Nov. 5, a senior court official said on Monday.

Sentences for those found guilty will be issued the same day, chief investigating judge Raid Juhi told The Associated Press.

The former Iraqi leader could be hanged if convicted. However, he could appeal the sentence to a higher, nine-judge court. His co-defendants include his former deputy, Taha Yassin Ramadan, and his half-brother and former intelligence chief Barzan Ibrahim.


BrandonK said...

(I have been waiting to answer this one for a while.) I definetely believe that the verdict of Saddam Hussein is going to impact the election in some way, shape or form. If Saddam Hussein is proven guilty and is sentenced to the death penalty, the Republicans will gain the benifit. This verdict will make it seem like the Repbulicans are doing a good job taking care of our terrorist problems. If this happens, there is a greater chance that Republicans are going to stay in power. If Saddam Hussein is proven guilty, but is not sentenced to the death penalty (which is very un-likely), the American people will most likely riot in anger in the streets. If this happens the Republicans will probably say something like you need to have Republicans stay in power if you wish to stay protected. Either way the Republicans are going to gain support, and because the verdict is SO close to the elections, unsure voters may feel it best to vote Republican in the polls in the next few days.

justinbel said...

I agree with Brandon. Any verdict wouldn't hurt the republicans, so it could only help. It may swing some voters who are undecided to vote republican, i can't honestly see why it would though. So i feel the verdict will have little to no impact on the elections.

BrandonSh said...

I agree with both. When Saddam is found guilty, death penalty or not, the Republicans are going to get credit for "the war on terror's success". How this is going to impact the elections may still be a mystery though. Even though the credit and possibly approval ratings will likely go to the Conservatives, I'm not sure that it will change voters minds about congressional candidates. It may not have an effect on elections at all, but the Bush administration will probably get a few approving letters... for once.

KimK said...

I actually disagree - I don't think the verdict will have a strong impact on the election unless the verdict is extremely surprising and unexpected. I think that most people just assume that he will eventually be found guilty and given a harsh punishment, whether the verdict comes out tomorrow or in five years. Also, I don't think security issues are going to be of any greater concern than they are right now once a verdict is announced. Finally, due to the expectancy of any reasonable verdict, I do not think that it will sway voters either way.

tonileep said...

I don't think that the release of the verdit will impact the election very much at all. The Repbulicans will gain credit if Saddam Hussein is found guity and then sentenced to death.I agree with Kim that people assume that he will receive a harsh punishment and that he is guilty so the verdict wouldn't really impact elections if people assume that. Also, I don't think security issues will be a concern once the verdict is announced, they are already a concern right now and I don't think the verdict will change that. Also, agreeing with Kim, I don't think it will sway voters either way.

MikeM said...

Yes, I think the Saddam verdict will impact the election. Almost all things effect elections in the US, anything ranging from big international events, to the weather on voting day. So naturally yes I think this will affect a few people and maybe generate a few votes, but not enough to really make a significant impact on the final results of the election.